Speed Reading: Secret ID, Impulse Alumni, and More

At CBR, Geoff Johns wants your questions! Submit questions for the next Q&A by Monday, June 29.

Scans_Daily demonstrates how Barry Allen kept his secret identity. Or, rather, didn’t.

Comic Bloc has Noah Van Sciver’s comedic recap of Flash: Rebirth #3.

An old post turned up on my other blog a few days ago, reminding me of those “world’s fastest man” commercials for MovieTickets.com. Remember those, with the superhero who had wings on his head, a round symbol on his chest, yellow boots, and a lightning motif (but the website was still faster)? Okay, so the costume was blue, but still…

Beyond the Flash

I’ve written a guest review of Perhapanauts: First Blood at Collected Editions. Perhapanauts, an adventure series about strange creatures like Bigfoot, chupacabras etc. created by Impulse alumni Todd Dezago and Craig Rousseau.

Robot 6 reports on Katelyn Rae Rochelle, first winner of the Ringo Scholarship. The Ringo is named after the late Mike Wieringo, who co-created Impulse during his run as Flash artist.

Lots of sites have linked to this guide to comic book message boards. Seems pretty accurate for the boards I visit from time to time. The DC Message Boards really are that scary, and Newsarama is only marginally better.

Tickets are now available for the Long Beach Comic-Con coming up in October. I’m going to have to figure out which day I want to go!


5 thoughts on “Speed Reading: Secret ID, Impulse Alumni, and More

  1. Lia

    Flash comics really liked using the ‘talks in his sleep’ bit as a plot point — offhand, I can think of at least two other stories that used it to move the plot forward. I guess everybody in the Flashverse talks coherently in their sleep…

      1. Lia

        In v1 #219, Mirror Master found out (and thus based his schemes on) that the Top had launched a satellite (top-shaped, natch) into space stuffed with a million dollars in cash, which he learned about because they were cellmates and the Top talked about it in his sleep.

        In v1 #312, Heat Wave and his old cellmate get framed by their parole officer, and HW reminds his buddy that the guy always mentioned he talked in his sleep about his crimes. Then I flipped through the issue again just now, and the parole officer said that was a hypnotic suggestion he planted, so maybe Mick didn’t really talk in his sleep and this might not count. But it does still involve the plot point being used to move the story forward, so maybe it sort of does.

          1. Lia

            I hope the top-shaped satellite gets brought back someday. That thing was too awesome. Actually, I miss the days when the Top tinkered and invented stuff, which he doesn’t seem to do in the modern era.


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