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Speed Reading: Dezago, Manapul, Reviews and More

It’s been a busy week, and while I’ve got a couple of posts I’m working on, nothing’s quite close to ready. So what to do? Of course! Some mid-week linkblogging!


Here are a couple of interviews with upcoming Flash artist Francis Manapul: one at Multiversity Comics, and one at Comic Book Resources. He talks about trying different ways to portray the hero’s speed, and adds:

…for me, the trickiest part is making sure my Barry Allen looks different from my Wally West. Having grown up with Wally, my natural portrayal of The Flash tends to look like him. As I get more familiar with Barry, I know I’ll get my footing and get it right.

Update: CBR has followed up by interviewing Scott Kolins, artist on Blackest Night: The Flash (starting in December) and the Wally West “second feature” stories in the upcoming monthly book.

Robot6 interviews Todd Dezago, former Impulse writer, on Perhapanauts and its recent Halloween Spooktacular. At the end he reveals what’s next for the series: another special in Spring, followed a few months later by the next major story: “Fourshadowing.” (After “First Blood,” “Second Chances,” and “Triangle.”)


Weekly Crisis reviews a bunch of collections including Flash: Ignition.

Several sites have reviews last week’s Brave and the Bold starring Flash (Barry Allen) and the Blackhawks. The Savage Critics didn’t like it. 4thLetter really didn’t like it.

DoubleDCoverage reviews last week’s books including the DC Universe Halloween Special, which featured a Kid Flash story and a Flash vs. Superman race.


Daily Scans finds it odd that, early in his career, Jay Garrick didn’t hide his identity very well.


Kid Flash sketch by Teen Titans artist Yildiray Cinar. (via SpeedsterSite)

Speed Reading: Dezago on Casper, Undead Allies, Marvel vs. DC, and More

Some Friday linkblogging:

Former Impulse writer Todd Dezago is working on a Casper the Friendly Ghost miniseries. Update: Newsarama has an interview.

Again with the Comics considers other times that DC’s heroes have had to face undead former allies.

Being Carter Hall posts a sketch of Hawkman and the Golden Age Flash by classic artist Sheldon Moldoff.

Silver Age Comics looks back at the Great Price Increase of 1961.

Grumpy Old Fan considers the essential difference between Marvel and DC and how it impacts continuity, long-form storytelling and relentless pursuit of imperfection.

Comic Book Heroes profiles the Flash.

Sexy Flash CostumeFlash Paper FigureUpdate: The Nerdy Bird has located a sexy Flash costume (and a scary Batman one). Update 2: The first woman in the SDCC Flash Sighting post appears to be wearing this costume.

Update: Custom Paper Toys’ paper JLA figures will be available at Arby’s (via Robot 6)

Speed Reading: Secret ID, Impulse Alumni, and More

At CBR, Geoff Johns wants your questions! Submit questions for the next Q&A by Monday, June 29.

Scans_Daily demonstrates how Barry Allen kept his secret identity. Or, rather, didn’t.

Comic Bloc has Noah Van Sciver’s comedic recap of Flash: Rebirth #3.

An old post turned up on my other blog a few days ago, reminding me of those “world’s fastest man” commercials for MovieTickets.com. Remember those, with the superhero who had wings on his head, a round symbol on his chest, yellow boots, and a lightning motif (but the website was still faster)? Okay, so the costume was blue, but still…

Beyond the Flash

I’ve written a guest review of Perhapanauts: First Blood at Collected Editions. Perhapanauts, an adventure series about strange creatures like Bigfoot, chupacabras etc. created by Impulse alumni Todd Dezago and Craig Rousseau.

Robot 6 reports on Katelyn Rae Rochelle, first winner of the Ringo Scholarship. The Ringo is named after the late Mike Wieringo, who co-created Impulse during his run as Flash artist.

Lots of sites have linked to this guide to comic book message boards. Seems pretty accurate for the boards I visit from time to time. The DC Message Boards really are that scary, and Newsarama is only marginally better.

Tickets are now available for the Long Beach Comic-Con coming up in October. I’m going to have to figure out which day I want to go!

Speed Reading: Mystery Villain, Anticipation, iPhone Comics, and More

Some quick linkblogging for the night before Flash: Rebirth #3 hits the stands.

Flash: Rebirth…

Mystery VillainFirst, I’ve got a guest post up at The Weekly Crisis detailing 5 Possible Candidates for The Flash: Rebirth‘s Mystery Villain.

‘Twas the Night Before Wednesday’s J. Caleb Mozzocco (Blog@Newsarama) is more enthused about the collected edition of Flash: The Human Race with “Huge Silver Age cosmic action and huge stakes” than about Flash: Rebirth #3, “in which your dad’s Flash races Superman.”

Can’t Wait for Wednesday’s JK Parkin (Robot 6), on the other hand, is solidly on board. “I wasn’t wild about the first issue, but the second one really sucked me in. This issue features the return of a classic: Superman racing The Flash.”

Update: I noticed a post from 2007 on my other blog is getting more attention than usual, probably because it links Barry Allen and the Black Flash.

…And Beyond

You will soon be able to read Perhapanauts and Tellos on the iPhone. The two creator-owned series have strong Impulse connections. Tellos is a fantasy adventure story created by Impulse writer Todd Dezago and Flash artist Mike Wieringo — Bart Allen’s co-creator. Perhapanauts an action/horror/comedy created by Dezago and Impulse artist Craig Rousseau. I highly recommend both series.

DC Collector posts a sketch of a Jay Garrick figurine from the Eaglemoss DC Super-Hero Collection. It makes me wish I lived in the UK.

Silver Age Comics profiles Julius Schwartz, legendary editor of DC’s Silver Age who oversaw the 1956 revamp of the Flash.

Cartoon Flophouse doesn’t shy away from strong opinions in 5 DC Comics Characters Which Would Translate Better to Film Than Wonder Woman or The Flash.

A bit off-topic, Watch This Space wants to know which of several serialized stories on the blog should not return.

Flash Signings for Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day

Saturday, May 2 is Free Comic Book Day, and comic stores around the world (okay, mostly in the US) are holding events with guests from the comics industry.  I’ve put together a list of all the Flash and Impulse-related appearances I could find:

United States


  • Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver sign at Atomic Comics in Mesa


  • Mark Waid and Marc Guggenheim sign at Collector’s Paradise in Winnetka from noon-3pm
  • Mark Guggenheim will also appear at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles from 4-7pm.
  • Todd Nauck (Young Justice) signs at 4 Color Fantasies in Rancho Cucamonga


  • Paul Pelletier signs at Heroes Haven in Tampa


  • Greg LaRocque signs at Super Villains Comic Shop in Baltimore

New York


  • Ken Lashley (Flash: The Fastest Man Alive) signs at Comic Connection in Hamilton, Ontario


The FCBD website has a list of more creator signings on Saturday. I may have missed some Flash-related names.

Free Comic Book Day

Speed Reading: Silver-Age Guest Stars, Action Figures, Van Sciver and More

Victoria Wayne comments on Captain Boomerang’s first appearance

Crimson Lightning has finished reviewing the entire 1990-1991 Flash TV series, and now presents a round-up of Live Action: The Worst.

Silver Age Comics looks at Barry Allen’s childhood sweetheart, future actress Daphne Dean, as The Other Woman. (She returned a few times in the Bronze Age, including the 4-part story that introduced the Golden Glider.)

Newsarama has a video interview with Todd Dezago, former Impulse writer, in which he talks about Perhapanauts.

DCU Classics Flash Action FigurePOE Ghostal reviews the new DCU Classics Barry Allen action figure.

Geek Stuff Daily looks at the history of the Flash.

Ethan Van Sciver’s weekly column is up to #11, and at least this week he’s renamed it from “Your Time Is Now Mine” to “Hope, Understanding and Compassion.” He links to a discussion thread his wife Sharis started about her experience with a dog rescue gone wrong earlier this week:

This was the worst day of my life. I don’t blame the dog, and I’m especially grateful for Officer Guardian Angel this morning, and the fact that it was ME that was bitten, not a small child, which is easily could have been. But I dedicate my entire life to rescue, and to see the dog shot, to hear it scream in pain and watch it die…this was entirely too much to cope with today.

Please keep supporting rescue efforts and animal cruelty legislation, folks, not the hysteria that causes people to deem all “vicious” dogs “bad dogs.”

There are no bad dogs, just bad owners.

Sharis also posted a link in the thread to her own blog entry about the incident.