Need a Last-Minute Comic-Con Ticket? (2009)

San Diego: Comic-Con International sold out weeks ago, but now that the con has processed cancellations (the deadline was last Friday), they’re selling the freed-up memberships on eBay.

The auctions are going up a few at a time on the sdcomic-con account. They’re selling fast, so your best bet is probably to follow @Comic_Con on Twitter. They’re announcing each auction as it goes up.

Good luck!


3 thoughts on “Need a Last-Minute Comic-Con Ticket? (2009)

    1. Kelson Post author

      This is the convention itself selling the tickets.

      They processed refunds last week, and they’re selling new tickets to take up the spaces that have opened up.

      Anyone else selling tickets on eBay isn’t selling anything you can use, because they’re non-transferable and they check ID.

  1. Chad

    Actually there are a few tickets that can be transfered. I am raffleing off tickets for a non-profit charity that Comic Con San Diego gave me. We are selling chances for $10. The raffle takes place July 10th. If you want a ticket and can be there in person let me know.


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