San Diego: We Have Arrived

San Diego Final Approach

This is the scene about an hour ago. Traffic was surprisingly light — I guess we managed to just avoid rush hour.

Getting all settled in at the hotel, then need to head out to the convention center for badges and preview night. Or maybe dinner first. Decisions, decisions…


5 thoughts on “San Diego: We Have Arrived

    1. Cory

      Hope you all enjoy Comicon as I would have. I got laid off in March and had to cancel my trip and tickets for financial reasons. It was a birthday gift from my wife, as I had never had the chance to attend ComicCon. I had the 4-day pass the works, you name it. I’ve been back to work for a while now, but still wish I was able to attend. To those who go on a regular basis, do not take these events for granted. There are many of us who are out of reach to attend sometimes, you should cherish the chance to be there and be around such artists, talent, and such an incredible atmosphere. Who knows, maybe next year right? Like I said, please do not take these events for granted. They are experiences that not many get to have or share. Enjoy your butts off guys. Cory Streeter


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