Preview Night at Comic-Con (in Tweets)

  • RT @Robot6: SDCC ’09 | Mark Waid takes a turn as radio DJ on KCRW #
  • In San Diego, checked into hotel. Free wifi = yay! #
  • Hotel room has great view of…the roof. Whee. #
  • Serious fans! RT @Robot6: SDCC ’09 | Behold the power of Twilight: More than 100 Twilight fans already are lined up. #

At the Con

  • Badge pick-up took 5 minutes from arival at con. And hey, I have ANOTHER copy of Blackest Night #0! #
  • Wed night: the only time you’ll see the Mrs Fields carts without a line. #
  • Simple costume: walking bulletin board. #
  • Huge line at Graphitti T-shirt booth for Green Lantern figures. #
  • First person in Twilight line has a dome tent. #
  • Not many costumes at preview night, but a few. Sitting on shuttle behind Wonder Girl & (I think) Ravager. #
  • Uploading first batch of photos to Flickr account over slow hotel wifi #

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