Quick Thoughts: Weekly Twitter for 2009-10-25

  • Ha! Next week’s shipping list includes “AMBUSH BUG YEAR NONE #7 (OF 6)”
  • And Ignition City concludes next week!
  • Random facts: Biggest category on Speed Force is Flash News. Smallest is Covers. Second-biggest: General.
  • Top 5 tags are Rebirth, Geoff Johns, Linkblogging, Barry Allen, and Wally West. Bottom of the list? ~200 tags used only once each.
  • Ugh. SciFiWire comment sections. It’s like someone took the worst of Slashdot, Newsarama & the DC Message Boards set them loose. (Okay, maybe not Slashdot)
  • Kid Flash vs Mirror Master story in DCU Halloween Special. (This means I have 3 Halloween specials to read: DC, Vertigo & Perhapanauts.)
  • RT @GeoffJohns0: Ethan did an amazing job on Wally West’s new uniform…Very clean, very familiar, yet unique!
  • BN:Flash variant? RT @GeoffJohns0: And for everyone dying to see @FrancisManapul‘s first official piece on THE FLASH…we’ll see it soon.
  • Didn’t notice when I skimmed the TOC yesterday: DCU Halloween Special also has a Flash/Superman race.
  • This should make a number of fans happy: Retweeting @GeoffJohns0: I cannot believe how fast Scott Kolins is. Like lightning.
  • Retweeting @KelsonV: And the award for Most Disturbing Use of an Alarm Clock in a Prime Time Show goes to… FlashForward!
  • RT @GeoffJohns0: “Society” episode of SMALLVILLE is actually an insane DCU infused two-part epic. Part 1 is “Society” & Part 2 is “Legends.”
  • Huh. Mirror Master doesn’t like Bloody Mary. Who knew?
  • Flash/Kid Flash creative team: @GeoffJohns0 @SterlingGates @FrancisManapul #FollowFriday
  • So we had Barry & Blackhawk in the Battle of the Bulge in Brave & the Bold…

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    Testing to see if I can comment, using this iPhone spoofing tweak, without an error.

    btw, this way, the blog looks like a mobile version instead of the regular look I’d expect on a webkit thingee thingee (note how we’ve reached the limit of my knowledge and vocabulary on this topic).

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