Geoff Johns talks Speed Force, XS, Wally’s Costume and More

CBR has posted their latest Geoff Johns Prime question and answer column. in it the Flash: Rebirth author talks about Blackest Night, Flash, Superman and a lot more.

Some Flash items that stood out:

Wally’s Costume

Back in June, Ethan Van Sciver said that Wally West’s new costume debuts in Flash: Rebirth #6, but Geoff Johns says here that it appears in #5. If that’s correct and not a typo, then I feel a lot more confident about the schedule for Blackest Night: Flash not being pushed back to avoid spoiling the costume debut.

He goes on:

And it’s very much a Flash costume. It’s tweaked, but it’s certainly not crazy. It’s not blue and white. It’s Flash. We never wanted to completely change it. We just wanted to accentuate what makes Wally’s costume, Wally’s costume. It will feel very familiar.

Hmm, hard to say, but I’m going to guess two things:

  • Barry keeps the straight-across belt and Wally keeps the V-shaped belt.
  • Wally loses the top of his cowl, making his hair visible.


There are very big plans for XS in the future of the Flash universe. “The Flash” book and the “Kid Flash” book start next year

I think this is great. I haven’t read much of the DnA Legion of Super-Heroes, but I liked her appearances in Impulse during and around “Dead Heat.” Jenni and Bart really connected during that story, and I can see a lot of potential with two teenage speedsters who have spent significant amounts of time in the future. Plus it’s got to be a big change for Bart to go from having one blood relative around (Iris) to three (Iris, Barry and Jenni).

On the other hand, I hope XS will still be tied to the Legion of Super-Heroes, and I hope her Flash appearances are in addition to the “new” female speedster hinted at in San Diego and Long Beach.

Hey, wouldn’t it be weird if she ends up in the Justice League? (Okay, not going to happen, but she would be an “interesting” choice, wouldn’t she?)

The Speed Force

His longest Flash-related answer is to a question about why he changed the nature of the speed force in Flash: Rebirth. It’s several paragraphs long, but the part that stood out for me was this:

And literally if [Barry] builds up enough energy, just like anything else that builds up energy, boom, there’s a discharge somewhere or somewhen. A stray lightning bolt from the Speed Force that…strikes somebody that shares the same sense of justice that Barry Allen has.

This picks up from something suggested during William Messner-Loebs’ run on the book, in which he suggested that Barry Allen might somehow have subconsciously willed the accident that gave him super-speed to repeat itself with Wally. It explains the mysterious behavior of the speed force “noticing” people, though it doesn’t quite explain, for instance, Savitar — who certainly didn’t share Barry Allen’s sense of justice. Maybe he did before he gained his powers. Or maybe he gained them through a discharge from Thawne’s “negative speed force?”

(Personally, I think that these changes overcomplicate a plot device that was designed to simplify speedsters’ origins, but that’s just my opinion.)

Flash Movie

Geoff Johns says that he’s “working on The Flash” and Shazam but can’t say anything more at this time.


10 thoughts on “Geoff Johns talks Speed Force, XS, Wally’s Costume and More

  1. fastest

    I’m so happy about this XS news, next to Bart she is my favorite character, and I love nothing more than when she and Bart team up. I am thrilled that Geoff has plans for her in the coming Flash books. I mean, as much as Bart is the legacy of Barry Allen, Jenni is also every bit as entitled to that legacy. It’s gonna be great, I thought with Geoff leaving the Legion back up feature, we might lose Jenni’s story. I’m glad we won’t. Hooray!

  2. Kaiser The Great

    I hope the change to Wally’s outfit is more significant than it sounds like it’s going to be. I still vote for a lighter version of the Dark Flash look, much like the opening title shot to the unreleased video game posted about earlier.

    1. Kelson Post author

      I figure it’s got to be at least different enough to tell Barry and Wally apart at a glance. Anything less would be pointless, and merely change for the sake of change.

    2. Kid Flash

      I always liked the costume in Grant Morrison/Mark Millar’s story–the one made up of pure speed force energy. It was in Flash v2 132. It looked like the original Kid Flash costume with an overlay.

  3. Perplexio

    Plus it’s got to be a big change for Bart to go from having one blood relative around (Iris) to three (Iris, Barry and Jenni).

    Shouldn’t that be having two blood relatives (Iris, Owen Mercer) around to five (Iris, Barry, Jenni, & Owen Mercer)?

      1. Perplexio

        Not to my knowledge. I think Owen is one of the most under-utilized/under-developed characters in the DCU right now. DC was on the right path when he was in The Outsiders (back when Nightwing was the leader). I know there’s friction with Tim Drake/Red Robin because Owen’s dad killed Tim’s dad (and vice versa) but it would be interesting to see DC reallt develop Owen. It would also make for some interesting conflicts between Bart, Tim, & Owen (with Bart being put in a position where he has to choose family or friendship).

        If the whole Thawne/Allen feud storyline is going to be resurrected (and hopefully properly executed this time) it would be an excellent opportunity to bring Meloni Thawne back as well.


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