Flash: Rebirth #5 Now Due November 11

Flash: Rebirth #5Wow…this would be hilarious if it weren’t…actually, scratch that. It is hilarious.

DC’s website now shows Flash: Rebirth #5 as shipping on November 11, 2009. A week ago it was scheduled for November 4. A week before that it was October 28. Two weeks before that, it was October 14. And it was originally supposed to be out on August 26!

No change yet on the schedule for Flash: Rebirth #6 or Blackest Night: Flash #1. DC’s January solicitations should be up next Monday, though. There may be some leeway since January is a “skip month” for Blackest Night, though it’s not clear whether it’s only the primary miniseries or the side series like Blackest Night: Flash, Blackest Night: Wonder Woman and Blackest Night: JSA that are skipping. If we see BN: WW #2 and BN: JSA #2 on the schedule, but not BN: Flash #2, we’ll know something’s up.

I’m beginning to feel like I should start a betting pool for when Flash: Rebirth will actually wrap.

Update: Now it’s November 18.


26 thoughts on “Flash: Rebirth #5 Now Due November 11

  1. Kevin

    So basically Barry has appeared in Blackest Night just as much as he has appeared in his own mini-series dedicated to himself. Very good planning DC.

  2. papa zero

    I think we may have to wait another 25 years for Barry.

    If this really is about the turn around for EVS, I can’t imagine it would do wonders for his career. 🙁

    1. CM22

      Eh the delays for the last issue of GL:Rebirth were pretty ridiculous too, the only thing that makes Flash rebirth worse is that the delays have been spread out across most of the issues instead of the just at the end. And honestly, the GL delays didn’t put a dent in his career and I don’t think these will either. He’s got too good a work relationship with Geoff and a handful of other big names at DC, so as soon as one of them tosses his name out their for another project he’ll most likely still get the offer. Work ethic and work proficiency mean nothing next to having a star drop your name.

      1. papa zero

        He is tremendously talented but one would think he would focus on his craft and the project at hand rather than writing columns, blogging, facebook, and traveling so much – especially when he already knows his limitations.

        1. Kelson Post author

          Well, Facebook and traveling anyway. He stopped writing his Newsarama column months ago, and the only blog of his that I know about hasn’t been updated since 2006.

          And up until this month, he hasn’t had all that much traveling on his schedule. 3 days in April, 1 in May, 2 in June, 2 in August. Admittedly that’s just scheduled cons and signings, but we’re talking a week out of all the time since the first issue hit the shelves.

          So really, it’s Facebook. I guess the internet will destroy comics after all…

          1. papa zero

            I guess my emphasis was more on the decision making process from the onset of the project knowing what his relative output was. Of course, we’re operating under the assumption that the delays are a direct result of his slow output which may not be the case.

            Issue #1 was spectacular in every regard but when I compare the amount of detail I see in the city panels, museum scenes and group shots throughout that issue relative to the West’s bare apartment and electric swirls of issue #4 (grandfather clock and a few full page spreads notwithstanding) It seems there is a difference.

  3. Freddie Ray

    I’ve been saying January for a few weeks now. With this recent turn, I’m saying early February. That’ll have the book in production for about a year and a half.

      1. Freddie Ray

        Whoa, hey, don’t blame me! I have my own problems, I don’t need to be burdened with some rock star comic book artist and his lack of priorities.

  4. West

    I’ll say it, again, despite being a Flash fan, THESE are the sort of things that push me farther and farther away from comics. I hate rewarding this behavior (or the years it took to get an issue of Planetary) but mostly, I just care less after a waiting too long.
    .-= West’s latest blog post: He Lives! =-.

  5. collectededitions

    We’ve kidded back and forth about how this is an argument for waiting-for-the-trade, but in all seriousness what’s seemed most significant to me in the wake of this news is that you and @SpeedsterSite both seem a little blase about Flash: Rebirth in general, in addition to this news. I admit I haven’t been closely following the reviews (spoilers and all), but are you enjoying the series?

    I ask because, if the answer is “not really,” that’s a big heaping problem for DC (because if you and SpeedsterSite, two of the biggest Flash fans I know, don’t like it, so I imagine goes the rest of the world). This is on the heels, I can’t ignore, of not one, but two other failed Flash relaunches, given that Fastest Man Alive didn’t take, nor did resurrecting Wally’s title.

    Third time’s the charm — if DC can’t get another blockbuster title out of this like they did with Green Lantern, I’d be afraid Flash will go the way of Aquaman for a while.
    .-= collectededitions’s latest blog post: Blackest Night trade collection, Showcase Presents Suicide Squad solicited =-.

    1. Kelson Post author

      I really liked the first issue, with some reservations about the way Barry’s past had been changed in what seemed to be an unnecessary and cliche manner. In retrospect, though, I think this was in part due to novelty.

      Issue #2 I kind of liked.

      With issue #3, I felt like nothing was really happening, the villain choice was too predictable, and really, what was the whole point of laying out exposition in the slowest manner possible when we could have instead started in media res with actual story.

      Issue #4 was a huge improvement, and IMO is what issue #2 should have been. I’m still not happy with a change made to the nature of the speed force — it seems too much like a “My Flash is better than your Flash, always was, and always will be!” statement, but other than that it felt like the story was finally getting on track.

  6. Amagoi

    This is just ridiculous. Maybe it’s me being impatient as all heck, but EVS is good but not good enough to excuse all these delays. I’m definatly not a fan of him after this.

  7. Benny

    The delays are just taking all the steam out of the Relaunch. When you read BN, you already know that Barry is getting back to his old self. The whole series is becoming redundant. I love what we have had so far, but we should have the entire series by now. It really feels like that we are just killing time till we get Flash BN and then the new series. I love EVS’s work, but this is getting silly now. Lets hope Scott Kolins and Francis Manupal are more like the flash when it comes to their art and less like the Turtle(sorry EVS)


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