Speed Reading: DC 2000, Lo3W, Strips and Zoom

Some weekend linkblogging…

Comics and…Other Imaginary Tales looks back at DC Two Thousand, a two-part story from the turn of the millennium in which the modern Justice League of America goes back in time to 1941 and meets the Justice Society. The Golden Age heroes aren’t entirely sure the JLA’s future is worth saving, though.

Collected Editions reviews Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds.

Comic Book Movie fan-casts Flash: Rebirth.

Chris Samnee sketches Kid Flash.

What Were They Thinking? has another example of why they called the Golden-Age Flash a comic “strip.”

Over at Comic Bloc there’s a comedic discussion of What else Zoom did to Barry (spoilers for Flash: Rebirth #5).


One thought on “Speed Reading: DC 2000, Lo3W, Strips and Zoom

  1. Andrew

    I like the casting choices from Comic Book Movie, except I would rather have Chris Pine as Barry Allen than Patrick Wilson (and therefore someone else as Thawne). I love the idea of John Wesley-Shipp as Jay Garrick though.


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