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Fast Art: Noah Van Sciver, Jamal Igle & Alternate Avengers

Noah Van Sciver, younger brother of artist Ethan Van Sciver, reinterprets Flash: Rebirth #3 at Covered (via Comics Alliance). The alternative comics artist was reinterpreting each issue of the miniseries in a single comic strip for Wizard Universe, and got through issue #4 before the site shut down.

Jamal Igle draws the Flash for the upcoming ComiConn. It’s a really nice piece! (via Comic Verso)

And some fun fan art: The Weekly Crisis has some “rejected” Avengers for the new line-up in “I Am An Avenger, Too!” featuring everyone from Beta Ray Bill to…Optimus Prime?

Noah Van Sciver Covers Flash: Rebirth #3 Jamal Igle Flash Optimus Prime: I Am An Avenger Too

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Rounding up a week of links:

Major Spoilers has the Top 300 Comics for August 2009, and Flash: Rebirth #4 is #14. They’re also holding a costume contest.

Dan Didio’s latest 20 questions explains how Geoff Johns & Francis Manapul moved from Adventure Comics to The Flash. He adds, “my goal now is to get those guys going on Flash as soon as possible.”

High Five! Comics lists their top ten second-string couples, featuring both Barry & Iris Allen and Ralph & Sue Dibny. Their latest Things I Learned From Comics feature covers How to Gain Superpowers.

Collected Editions has updated their DC Comics Trade Paperback Timeline and moved to its new, post-GeoCities home.


The Onion brings the “news” that melting ice caps are exposing hundreds of secret arctic lairs. Does anyone remember whether Dr. Impossible had one?

Noah Van Sciver continues his comic-strip Flash: Rebirth Recaps with issue #4.


We Are Movie Geeks has made a list of five projects for DC Entertainment to jump on, starting with the Flash.

And finally, Crimson Lightning has the results of the casting poll. Fans cast Neil Patrick Harris as the Scarlet Speedster. Next up: Who’s your favorite Reverse Flash?

Speed Reading: Rebirth Recap, Cool Moment, TwoMorrows Sale, and More

First panel of Noah Van Sciver's Flash: Rebirth RecapSome light weekend linkblogging:

Wizard has a couple of comic-strip recaps of the first two issues of Flash: Rebirth by Ethan Van Sciver’s brother, Noah Van Sciver.

Comics Should Be Good continues a week of Flash-themed Cool Comic Moments with Flash vs. Züm from Grant Morrison’s JLA: New World Order. (Züm of the Hyperclan would probably be forgotten if it weren’t for this moment.)

TwoMorrows, publishers of The Flash Companion, is having a 50%-off sale on their website. The Flash Companion itself isn’t one of the discounted items, but you can pick up some other Companion volumes (Including Justice League Companion and The Titans Companion vol.2), some Modern Masters books, collections of Alter Ego, Brick Journal, etc.