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A whole bunch o’ linkblogging:


The webcomic LOST in Comics does a strip that reverses a scene from the TV show, and has Superman and the Flash discussing Hurley and Charlie.

Blake Sims draws the Flash.

Comics Alliance: What if comic books had titles based on what you say about them?

Dreamers Muse has a bunch of Flash icons.


Pop Matters on The Real Return of Barry Allen:

But secretly, the most rewarding element of the limited series has been the delays. To misdirect attention from his super-powers, Barry Allen would make a point of always arriving late. True to form, the publication delays add a hint of Barry Allen charm, making his public wait, just that little while longer.

The Daily P.O.P. reviews Flash: Rebirth as a whole.

Hello Kello writes: What I Learned from Flash: Rebirth.

Collected Editions reviews Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E., Geoff Johns’ first DC work.


Screen Rant considers: What Will The Flash Movie Be About?

At the Hall of Justice annotates Blackest Night: The Flash #3.

Comic Book Revolution asks: Would you read a comic if the writer left?

CSBG/Lorendiac’s Lists takes a look at 11 Methods of Target Acquisition – in short, just how do super-heroes and supervillains end up in the same place to have those slugfests?

And finally, totally off-topic…here’s a picture of an Office Depot truck with an Autobot symbol.

I’m imagining Optimus Prime working out some sort of advertising deal to help bring in some revenue.

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