DC Focus: Geoff Johns – Live at Comic-Con 2010

If all goes well, a few minutes after this post goes live, I’ll be live-blogging the panel! Once it gets started, the view here should update automatically as I add to it.

2:01 Geoff Johns has just walked onstage. “I’m supposed to have a moderator. He didn’t show up.”

2:02 Big Green Lantern (movie?) logo on screen.

2:03 “Oh, yeah, I also worked on…” YJ, DCUO

2:03 1/2 second of Blue Beetle footage – “Oh, wait, pause that!” “Nooooo!”

2:04 Says his job as CCO is to bring as many of DC’s characters as possible beyond comics – and do it *properly.*

2:06 Blue Beetle test footage looks cool. GJ says the GL stuff on Saturday is “a little more intense.” (audience laughs)

2:07 Bizarro! Oh, Black Lantern Superman! “George Reeves!” Too soon! (turns out he was the Black Lantern Billy Mays last year.)

2:08 And yes, there is a plan for the Lazarus Pit / Black Lantern connection

2:09 GJ: likes to look at everything that’s happened to a character and treat it as if it *really* happened to them. Thinks Grant Morrison is doing a good job of that on Batman. Also: Parallax is in the Green Lantern movie.

2:09 Fan asks, if Parallax is in movie, what about Kyle Rayner? GJ: Can’t answer, but goal is to do not just one GL movie. Would like to get to everyone.

2:11 GJ: writing even superheroes is as much about looking inward as it is about looking outward.

2:12 Flash question. “Wally? Barry? Bart? Jay?”

2:13 GJ: You won’t have to wait until 2011 to see Wally in the Flash book.

2:14 Wanted to focus on Barry to get him “up and running.”

2:14 GJ: “How many people like Aquaman?” Audience cheers.

2:16 Fan asks about books that GJ has left. Is there a reason outside of being busy? Booster Gold: wanted to do a year to begin with. OTOH, had plans for 25 issues of Superboy & got too busy, had to prioritize.

2:17 Would jump back to Superboy if he had the time.

2:18 Fan: Thank you for Dex-Starr origin. Do you think it’s his innate loyalty as an animal that keeps him committed to the Red Lanterns? GJ: RL are his surrogate family. There are plans for a Larfleeze Christmas Special. Maybe a Dex-Starr Valentine’s special?

2:19 Green Lantern Secret Origins 2 will be about SInestro, not sure when it’ll happen, maybe next year.

2:19 Plans for Kyle outside GLC? Yes.

2:19 Super-early, not for ~3 years at least…but they’ve started working on a Suicide Squad video game.

2:23 Question abt. approach to bring very silver-age character Barry Allen into today’s DCU. GJ: Grew up w. Wally, wrote Wally, wanted to do something different. Barry’s job is important, book is all about speed instead of legacy. Wanted Iris to be addicted to coffee. “I hate coffee…but a lot of people like it.”

2:25 “It’s nice to see someone wearing an Avarice shirt…”

2:28 Q: Departure from traditional movie costume sense? GJ: WHen you see it in motion, you’ll like it.

2:29 Scarier for civilians in the DCU: Infinite Crisis or Blackest Night? Hmm, other Earths in the sky, or the dead rising? I think zombies. “Hmm, I’ve got two windows to board up, a gas grill on the balcony, I’m good for about two weeks…”

2:30 What’s with Hal’s question to Sinestro? He’ll ask it sometime this year. It’s not “Will you marry me?”

2:31 Kilowog is in the GL movie and “looks amazing.”

2:31 More lantern origins? Yes.

2:32 Indigo Lanterns will return soon in GL 59. Glimpses of homeworld & what they were like before the rings.

2:34 Batman: Earth-One differences from DCU. Everyone knows Batman’s the best at what he does, right? This one isn’t yet. His gadgets don’t always work, the Batmobile keeps breaking down, he keeps screwing up.

2:34 Q: If you’d killed Nightwing in Infinite Crisis, how would you have done it? GL: Eddie and I were like, “We’re not killing Nightwing.”

2:35 Fan: after reading Dex-Star story, he wanted to get a cat. But he’s allergic. GJ: They have hypoallergenic cats. Fan: Are they blue? GJ: You could dye them blue…

2:37 If you had to choose btw Sinestro Corps or Blackest Night animated movie, which would you do? Sinestro Corps, because then I’d do BN as a sequel.

2:39 No solid plans for 100 Bullets at this time – he just keeps bringing it up as something that he likes.

2:40 Would like to see Hal Jordan pilot Iron Man’s suit, because he could…and would like to see Tony Stark try to use the Green Lantern ring…because he couldn’t.

2:41 Kryb was originally going to be used in Flash: Iron Heights, but they didn’t have the space, so they used him later in Sinestro Corps War.

2:43 Any news about the Flash movie? Yes, we’re making one.

2:44 Fan presented Geoff Johns with a poster of the breakfast cereal mascots as Lanterns Corps members, “Blackest Breakfast”

2:46 Continuity questions: Doomsday as a lantern? “Doomsday should be a red lantern. We’ll have to recolor that book.”

2:48 Q: Sad as it is, there will come a day when you leave GL. Why? And who would you want to replace you? Eddie Berganza: Geoff has to retire when he leaves GL, he’ll be an old man. GJ: No plans to leave the book.

2:48 Larfleeze has moved to Ft. Branch, Minnesota. He really likes earth because people collect things…he just hasn’t figured out what you do and don’t collect…

2:50 Q: When will we see a Vertigo series by Geoff Johns? GJ: Um…you’ll see one. Someday. It’ll be fun to do something different.

2:51 Q: Everyone loves Dex-Star, but I know you’re a dog fan…any plans to bring back G’nort? Um…maybe.

2:51 How many people come up with zombie escape plans? About 50 hands go up.

2:51 Ever thought about writing the Justice League? Never. Sometimes. Yes.

2:53 Do you think Wonder Woman isn’t human enough, and why? No, I think she’s more human than people give her credit for.

2:54 [Comment From Lia] Isn’t Kryb female? Or was she originally male?

2:54 @Lia: I don’t recall, actually, & I’m typing fast. It’s probably my mistake.

2:55 Guy behind me says that yes, Kryb was originally male.

2:55 Weather Wizard costume on the other side of the room…

2:57 Yes, he has plans for a creator-owned book.

2:58 Q: This is a question from the business side, not the writing side. GJ: (Mimes changing hat.)

2:59 Do you have a big announcement this weekend? Yes.

3:00 DC moving to LA? All speculation.

3:00 And that’s it.

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8 thoughts on “DC Focus: Geoff Johns – Live at Comic-Con 2010

  1. Lia

    Interesting, thank you! The Suicide Squad game sounds cool.

    I think @Icarusflies77 at Twitter said she was going to dress as Weather Wizard during one day of SDCC, so maybe that was her 🙂

  2. KC Flash

    Nice job, Kelson! You did some amazing typing, perhaps accessing the Speed Force? Who would have every imagined that Green Lantern would be the focal point for DC? Unfortunately, he didn’t share too much info on the upcoming Flash movie…

  3. Natalie

    Greetings, I was the female green lantern on stage if you have video please let me know I would love to have it. Photos appreciated as well thanks!

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