Comic-Con 2010 Young Justice Cartoon Preview ****UPDATED****

The WB has uploaded a Young Justice Cartoon Preview from the San Diego Comic-Con. In it we get a look at the designs of the team members, including Kid Flash and some insights on what the show will be focusing on.

I’m liking Kid Flash’s look a little more. It looks a lot better in motion than it does static:

We also get a glimpse at his secret identity which looks to me like a younger version of Wally.

The producers, Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti mentioned that the show was a DC Universe show. Meaning that it was going to showcase all kinds of characters from the DC Universe including the Young Justice mentors in the Justice League. They also seem to be going for a slightly older audience for the show. The characters are teenagers and are going to be dealing with things like relationships, friendships, hormones, and quite possibly death.

It also looks like the Justice League is going to play a much larger role in this show than I think anyone anticipated. The League is sporting a larger roster than usual with 16 members, and some of the designs look like they were completely lifted from the recent DC Universe Animated Movie, Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths.

In fact the designs for Flash look exactly like the ones from JL: CO2E:

So if the civilian design for Kid Flash looks like a young Wally West but the Flash in the league looks like an adult Wally, which one (if any) is Wally and which one is another Flash (Barry or Bart respectively)?

A Few Clues:

They said that Robin had been doing the hero thing the longest at four years which makes sense when compared to the comic continuity. Tim Drake was active way before Connor Kent or Bart Allen.

We also saw pictures of Roy Harper as Speedy and pictures of him later as Red Arrow.

Going by this information I’m inclined to think that the Flash in the League is Wally. But from a marketing standpoint and with DC trying to push Barry Allen as the primary Scarlet Speedster I don’t see much logic in them using Wally instead of Barry. That is unless they are deliberately trying to educate the uninitiated about the differences between the various different Flashes, which would be pretty cool.

Definitely can’t wait to see more news as it comes down the pipeline about this series. Especially the action figure and merchandising prospects. What do you guys think about the designs so far?

Special Thanks to Live Pa for the heads up.


Titan’s Tower has a Panel Report that reveals a lot of information including the secret identities of the team. You can find it HERE. Thanks Bill for the heads up. Great report!

Devin “The Flash” Johnson

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17 thoughts on “Comic-Con 2010 Young Justice Cartoon Preview ****UPDATED****

  1. Touch of Grey

    Ughhh, I am HATING myself for loving the Kid Flash design. But, it’s so nice!
    And if it turns out to be Wally and Barry instead of Wally and Bart, well, you’ll be able to hear my nerdrage from Canada.

  2. Kelson

    Thanks for covering this – I completely forgot that they were going to show this at the Batman: The Brave and the Bold panel this morning!

  3. kyer

    Um…(oh crap)

    Please, please, please, PLEASE, let Kid Flash NOT be Wally. Yes, I see the red hair and green eyes. But I’m taking heart that the Flash has Wally’s angled belt and is lacking boot wings–and therefore this MUST be Wally West in the League.

    Sorry, but I already despise the goggles (what is this…Digimon?) and the crew cut. I hated Barry’s crew cut. You have no idea how much I dislike crew cuts. The very idea that any self-respecting human being would opt for a crew cut… gag. And those goggles. I kind of liked Bart’s goggles, but these are…urk. No. Please no.

    1. kyer

      I believe those are shoulder pads or armored plates. I just may hurl. *takes said shoulder plates and hurls them into space like a Highland Games contender.*

      What? Was Young Justice so awful and unpopular that they felt compelled to totally muck this up? Where is Tim? Where is Bart? Why am I suddenly worried that Flash: Speed Force is going to also be a complete disaster? *whimpers* Does DC have a death (of company) wish?

      1. Hyperion

        No, DC simply happens to hate everyone who actually liked books printed in the late 90s/early 00s. Pretty damn insistent on getting rid of any trace of anything immediately before Didio became EiC, apparently…

        1. papa zero

          DC just announced at Comic Con during a panel that they hate kittens, veterans, and handicapped people too. 😉

    1. Devin "The Flash" Johnson Post author

      Thanks Bill. I’ve updated the post to include a link to your Panel Report. Great work.

  4. kentnelsonfate77

    I was at the panel on Friday – it looked awesome! They said Young Justice is being designed by the same guy who did CO2E so I know it’s gooing to be sick!

    1. mbish

      No matter what unhappiness I have with who is who and the face that Bart and Tim are not in it I will say that the design and animation look KICK ASS!

      at least it will be pretty to look at.

  5. mbish

    I’ve gotten to the depression stage of accepting that Wally is Kid Flash and Dick is Robin.
    I was so excited for this cartoon. and now I am just like, meh. I’ll watch it but I have no hopes.
    The main thing I was looking forward to was awesome Bart,Tim and Kon interaction and now? NOW I HAVE NOTHING!!!

    I can not believe that they are mixing ears? Why? What is the point of doing that?

    And if they just HAD to make Kid Flash Wally they should have made Flash’s costume like Barry’s.
    Are we like going to have two Wally’s? Or something.

    I understand why they did not Choose Bart. Really I can. His background is a little convoluted (a little? I understate) and wally is easier.
    But I find Bart more interesting. I mean they did not have to explain his background so they could have done that. But I just find Bart more interesting as a person. He’s fun, hyper and weird and that makes thing interesting.

    As a friend said. It seems like they had to make it so that the Teen Titans cartoon was like Young Justice and the Young Justice cartoon will be like 2000’s Teen Titans.

  6. Whyyyy whyyyy???

    Why are dey doin dis to us I hope dey see our complaints becuz I really want tim nd bart nd it dnt look like im da onli one either sumbody shud make a pettion for dese two

  7. Bart Allen Fanboy

    I agree. A petition should be brought up. This is some lame attempt to glorify their favorite characters, Dick and Wally. THey are good characters…

    But its going to be the same story with Dick, that we have seen in the past 20 years, 5 times on tv (Batman the animated series, Teen Titans, Batman Forever, The Batman and Batman: Brave and the Bold) and the same jokes from Teen Titans, and Justice League with Wally.

    Apparantly, after promising for the past year, saying that we would see Bart and Tim, we get this crap. If they were serious about sticking to the earlier days, they would take Supergirl (instead of Superboy), Starfire (Instead of Miss Martian… Which would lead to the hot chicks), Roy Harper being the main archer (instead of this Artemis girl) and Garth (instead of this new Aqualad). If they were serious about keeping it to what they claim, this is what they would have done.

    But since they are trying to do something “new” (that is in fact just a cheap knockoff off of Bruce Timm’s DCAU) they should try and focus on what is CURRENTLY popular.

    We want something new. Tim’s story has a lot more potential to grasp the fans, and Bart could bring in a lot more unique jokes.

    These are idiots that dont realise that they ruined the show for a whole lot of fans, and broke promises about characters. Ive been fantasizing about this show, and FINALLY seeing Bart move on screen, for about a year, and now they do this? Man… Why dont they just change the title to “Junior Justice League Unlimited: Teen Titans” That way, they dont ruin a show for entire fanbases.


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