Speed Reading: Sackboy & Zombie Flash, Brea Grant, Young Justice and SDCC

Some weekend linkblogging…

That F’ing Monkey continues its Friday Flash focus with a Flash Sackboy and a piece of original art from Flash: TFMA, the series following Bart Allen’s brief career as the Flash. Let’s just say it’s from the storyline that had Marc Guggenheim as writer and Ethan Van Sciver on covers.

Robot 6’s regular feature on collections spotlights Hugues Charron, headlining the profile with a Todd Lauzon painting of a Zombie Flash.

Heroes’ speedster Brea Grant is this past week’s Geek a Week. (via Bad Astronomy)

DC is finally reprinting Young Justice!…sort of. They’re releasing a set of eight DC Comics Presents one-shots reprinting various hard-to-find stories, including JLA: World Without Grown-Ups as DC Presents: Young Justice.

Collected Editions reviews Justice League: Cry for Justice, concluding it’s both better and worse than advertised. Of course, when the introduction to the book is essentially an apology by the writer, you have to wonder…


Warner Bros. promotes this year’s giant bags for Comic-Con…and their wardrobe possibilities.

Dark Horse sponsors events at more than 50 comic stores for fans who are #NotAtComicCon.

Ethan Van Sciver has posted promotional art for Montreal Comic-Con featuring a Superman/Flash race and Green Lantern with the starting pistol.

Update: Here’s one more. Kerry Callen (of the excellent Halo and Sprocket) redraws Flash v.1 #133 for Covered. That’s the classic Abra Kadabra story in which the Flash thinks to himself, “I’ve got the strangest feeling I’m being turned into a puppet.”


3 thoughts on “Speed Reading: Sackboy & Zombie Flash, Brea Grant, Young Justice and SDCC

  1. mbish

    😀 = my face right now for that Young Justice news
    I have wanted this mini for ages. looked around a bit and no luck
    No one can ruin this for me. i’m so happy 😀
    I’m seriously so stoked for this. No other words
    *skips away with glee*

  2. Kyer

    Re: the #133 cover redo:
    I would have absolutely adored that IF she had turned the Abracadabra poster into a Flash-Rebirth one.

    Re: the sockboy Flash Muppet crocheted toy:

    OhmaGodzIWantOne! The sackloth scrappy one makes me think of The Black Flash, but the crocheted version just screams The Muppets! If only if only if only! I would have loved to see a Flash muppet hanging with Beaker and Scooter as a sort of Red-Headed Muppet League. 😛

  3. Ken O

    Thanks to everyone how checked out my site and thanks for Speedforce.org for the continued links. It’s good to know someone is reading.

    Odd note about the Little Big Planet Sackboys, they now have Marvel Costumes as DLC for the game. So close, just the wrong company.


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