Speed Reading: Merit Badges, Plush Flash, Sonic Month and More

Some Flashy linkblogging for the weekend…

Fanboy Scouts has launched a series of Merit Badges for Geeks including a Speedster badge, awarded for “the display of any of the following speed-related attributes: Super Speed, Speed Control, Kinetic Energy Manipulation, Infinite Mass Punch, Time Travel or Hyper-Vibration.”

Check out Mark Grambau’s super-hero/super-villain posters.

The Hooded Utilitarian continues reading the Silver Age Flash, this time moving on to the few solo issues.

Sideshow Collectibles has the Flash “As you’ve never seen him before” — as a plush toy! (OK, I have seen Flash plush toys before, but not quite like this one.)

The 1992 Elongated Man miniseries makes CSBG’s Year of Cool Comics.

In other speedster news, First Comics News is making August Sonic the Hedgehog Month.


10 thoughts on “Speed Reading: Merit Badges, Plush Flash, Sonic Month and More

  1. Ken O

    I picked up the Speedster Merit badge and the broom riding one for my wife since she is a big Potter fan. They shipped super quick and are really nicely put together. I can’t recommend them enough.

      1. Ben Hall

        Yeah, I can see that. Oh, by the way kelson does comluv.com actually help with increasing blog traffic? One last thing does anyone know if comluv.com accepts urls from blogspot.com?

        1. Kelson Post author

          It’s hard to measure whether Comment Luv increases traffic here, since the idea isn’t so much to bring readers in as it is to keep commenters coming back. The only direct measurement I can make is that I sometimes see spammers who are targeting comluv-enabled sites.

          It looks like there is a Blogger version, but it requires adding IntenseDebate.

  2. Touch of Grey

    I’ve wanted that Flash plush ever since I saw the Batman and Superman versions available at Tate’s Comics. My best friend actually bought it for me last Wednesday, and it’s sooo cute in person. Not as huggable as my bigger Flash plushie, but the perfect size to be a purse buddy for when I plan to fall asleep in the gridlocked traffic on the way down to Miami.
    Definitely picking up that Speedster merit badge once I get paid. I’ll either put it on my next purse or nerd up one of my plain jackets. Hmm, stickerback or heat seal back..?


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