DC Direct Flash Collectibles For The Month of November

Finally some more Flash love on the collectibles end of things. This month we have three Flash pieces being released through DC Direct. Unfortunately two of them are basically just repaints and the other is an expensive statue of Barry Allen.

The first one, available today, is from the third series of JLA Classified Classics, Zoom (The Flash’s chief nemesis).  I was inclined to think that this was Hunter “Sheisajeweltoyoouuuuu.” Zolomon rather than Eobard “As long as I kill Iris, everything will be alright.” Thawne due to the way the eyes were colored and because they simply named him “Zoom”. But then I noticed the direction of his belt. Not a real issue or anything as Hunter has been out of the picture for some time now. Still makes me lament Johns-Era Wally though.


“The JLA CLASSIFIED: CLASSIC line expands with four all-new figures! Consistent in style and scale to Series 1 and 2, Series 3 features some of the most requested characters

from DC Comics.

The Zoom figure stands at 6.75″ high, features multiple points of articulation and includes a display base.

4-color clamshell blister card packaging.”

Unfortunately I am not a huge fan of the style of these figures. I know that they are part of a artist-specific collection using Ed McGuinness’ art style as a template but I’m just not a fan of the overly muscled character designs and action figures. Especially on my Speedsters. I guess I already own the JLA Classified Flash so it would be cool to have Zoom to go along with him, but I won’t be rushing out to get it or anything.

Later on in the month we have the release of a Flash Two-Pack featuring repaints of Jay Garrick from DC First Appearances Series 1 and Wally West from Justice League of America Series 3 repainted to be Barry Allen:


Trace the history of some of the most popular DC Comics heroes with these special two-pack action figure sets!

Each set includes two full-sized figures packaged together – one based on art from the character’s early appearances and the other based on art from the modern era.

One two-sided collectible trading card featuring each character will also be included in each package.

The Flash figures feature multiple points of articulation and include display bases and character-specific accessories. The Modern and the Classic figures stand at 6.75″ high and 6.5″ high, respectively.

4-color clamshell blister card packaging.

These guys will be available the 17th, but frankly I am unimpressed with this offering. To be fair the Wally figure actually looks better when repainted to look like Barry and the paint jobs look to be really slick. But really two repaints? Not to mention Zoom might as well be a repaint too.

The only truly original offering this month will be on the 24th with the release of a Barry Allen statue that looks pretty slick but as I mentioned previously I have zero interest in it:



The Fastest Man Alive kicks up a dust cloud as he slides into the DC Chronicles statue series!

This statue features The Flash of the Silver Age, Barry Allen, in his classic costume.

The DC Chronicles statue line has a consistent base, and the retro-style logo on the base further gives the piece a sense of the period from which it originated.

This limited-edition, hand-painted, cold-cast porcelain statue measures approximately 6.75″ high x 5″ wide x 3.5″ deep and is packaged in a 4-color box with a 4-color Certificate
of Authenticity.

Manufactured to order.

This baby retails at $99.99 and looks to be an outstanding piece. But if I were to purchase any Barry statue it would definitely be this:

Now that is what I call a statue!

Anyone plan on picking up Zoom, the 2-Pack, the statue, or all three?

Look forward to hearing from you all and thanks for reading.

-Devin “The Flash” Johnson


19 thoughts on “DC Direct Flash Collectibles For The Month of November

    1. Devin "The Flash" Johnson Post author

      I honestly thought it looked funny but I couldn’t place what it was.

  1. Lia

    I’ll get any of these if I see them cheap, but am not impressed enough to pay full price. That Zoom is indeed overly-muscular and thus looks goofy. I do like that statue, though.

  2. Mike W.

    I plan on picking up Zoom. I don’t really care for that sculpt but it is Zoom so… I gotta get it. As for the two statues well, I am not a Barry fan and though it would look good next to my JLA Wally statue I may pass or wait ’til there is a sale at my local comic book shop. The statue based on the Jim Lee work in DC Online I have no desire to own.

  3. Ken O

    Not a fan of the Ed McGuinness style. So pass on that one.
    I don’t think I like Barry shiny either. But I have a good Barry and Jay from DC Direct so I’ll probably pass there too.
    I really like that statue though. I like that it isn’t in the classic running pose. Not in my budget right now though unfortunately.

  4. kyer

    I really dislike the Professor Zoom. Agree that speedsters should not look like Awe-nold in his prime.

    Ordered the 2-pack awhile ago at a reduced ‘early bird’ price since I don’t have the originals before they were painted and that one looks scads better than the Mattel ones I had.

    Love the statue. Now if a) I had a hundred to spare and b) I wasn’t leery of statues after reading one blogger’s site on their recent paint-job problems (cracks, sloppy). Until I hear more or can purchase on sight, I’m steering clear of statues.

    1. Lia

      While I can certainly understand not buying something so expensive sight unseen, neither my husband nor I (who have both bought a decent number of statues) have ever had problems with statues’ quality control. What company produced the defective statue?

      1. kyer

        It’s been a few weeks since I read the article, but believe it was DC direct. He showed pictures of the cracks on…I think it was a Supergirl, also some others…paint slopped over past where it was supposed to be…bad chips, cracks. Remember him/her stating that they went through several boxes trying to find one worthy of putting out for sale, but the best still had mediocre painting done on it.

        So I figure…unless I can see which ONE I’m purchasing or know that the store has a really decent return policy…not statues. Anyway, I’ve broken too many of my animal porcelains as it is dusting the things. Plastic and metal (Eaglemoss) seem better for durability. 😛

        1. Lia

          Interesting. The only broken statue I’ve ever seen obviously had the damage occur at the shop (unfortunately it was the Flash vs Captain Cold statue, which I might have bought otherwise).

          I’d think that a retailer could return them and complain about the poor quality, as these things can be pretty expensive.

  5. Ionic One

    I wish they would come out with an entire Flash family statue! At the very least have Barry, Wally, Jay and Bart. But if they are feeling nice they could include Irey, Jesse and Max. Oh and use some of Manapul’s work because since he has kinda got out of Barry looking way too young I am really digging his art. And for the love of all that is holy do your research designers!!(ie: masks, belts and such!!!)

    1. kyer

      I second this! Would clone myself if possible to add more votes. In addition would have the heroes with masks down so we can see their faces their smiling faces and CORRECTLY COLORED eyes and hair. I’d buy such as a set or as single pieces in a heartbeat even if I had to swallow hard and beg money from the relatives. 😛

  6. Ben Hall

    Not a fan of over-muscled supers either. I guess that is part of my love of the drawing styles of the silver age, due to them being slightly more realistic.

    1. Lia

      I love how skinny Barry and the Rogues used to be in the Silver Age — the Rogues sometimes looked like they were too broke to eat, which maybe they were back in those days.

    1. kyer

      Isn’t that Barry’s schtick? Egads, Eobard’s desire to take over everything Barry’s is getting out of hand. 😛

  7. West

    McGuinness’s Flash is so cool that, despite not giving a superspeed rat’s ass about HeroClix, I seriously consider buying them whenever his Flash (among others) is on the BOX.

    I just want the box. I hang my head in shame.

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