Plush Impulse

Today’s guest post is by Christine Adamo.

I recently bought a Funko Flash plush, and it inspired me to create a similar plush of my favorite character who doesn’t get much love these days in toy form — Bart Allen. Especially as Impulse (Don’t get me wrong; I love that he still exists as Kid Flash, but I, like many, long for the Bart of old).


4 thoughts on “Plush Impulse

    1. kyer

      Yeah, well…’Depressing’ is DC’s first name: Depressing Comics. Come plunk down your $2.99 for a few minutes of grim and gritty bleak morbidity.

      Friendly suggestions for the plushie: give the red the lightning design and maybe use a small cleaning mop head for he hair. Should be able to pick up some brown permanent ink. Place cut outs of yellow cellophane over the eyes, edged with felt. (And I’m jealous because I can’t even sew on a loose button without inflicting a mortal injury on meself.)

  1. Touch of Grey

    Ooh, I can feel the envy staining me green as I type! If I had even a spec of artistic talent, I’d beg for the pattern so that I could make my own Impulse…and an Inertia to match.


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