Geraplica Sculptoys Custom Barry Allen 1:1 Scale Head Bust

Salutations, fellow Speed Readers. I’m here today with pictures of a beautiful piece of Flash sculpture courtesy of Glenmarc “Flash” Antonio. Glen may seem a bit familiar as he was the subject of Speed Force’s first Flash Collector Showcase. Hailing from the Republic of the Philippines, Glen is nationally known as the biggest Flash collector in the country. Glen and his collection make regular appearances at various toy and comic conventions throughout the year where he usually shows off his vast Flash collection. In addition to collecting Flash stuff he also has large collections of Marvel Comics action figures (particularly Deadpool and Blade), G.I. Joes, and many others. He also cosplays frequently and customizes action figures.

Now this bust is sold only in the Philippines and can be found in some hobby shops for Php 1,000 or about $20. Usually you have to go directly to the sculptor to get one made. While it is not exactly a custom sculpt it does have a few distinctions that set it apart from other versions of this bust on the market. But before we go into that have a look:

Yep, definitely jealous. As you can see in the image above the eyes are painted “barry blue”, but they don’t normally come that way, for the most part you will find them only in “wally green”. Glen is friends with a sculptor at Geraplica Sculptoy, a Filipino toy studio, and since Barry Allen is Glen’s all-time favorite Flash, he had them customize the eyes. In addition, he also asked them to use a different finish, one that resembles the colors from the Alex Ross designed Flash action figure from Justice, the critically and commercially acclaimed maxiseries. Some comparison pics below:

And this guy tells me he is jealous of MY collection. HA! A couple more pics:

Love the paint job on this piece. Slick work.

Look at the detail on those wings! The paint job is solid and the wings just look gorgeous. In fact the wings are my favorite part of this whole piece. They look so good that I want to break them off and add them to my own costume. Just wow. 20 bucks for a customized version of a 1:1 scale Flash is an absolute deal and a great find. Rock on!

Thank you, Glen for sending this in. If anyone has any cool new unique acquisitions or collections to show off, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line at

As always thanks for reading.

Keep it Flashy!

Devin “Flash” Johnson


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