The Fwoosh Justice League Unlimited Giveaway

Popular action figure collecting and customizing site, is holding 3 giveaways for 3 different sets of Justice League Unlimited Convention Exclusive 3 packs. Two of which feature characters that have been central to the Flash at one point or another.

From The Fwoosh:

To help get things started, The Fwoosh is going to give you the first chance at owning these exclusive three-packs with not one, not two, but THREE giveaways, each with a prize of one of the three packs. We know you have been waiting a long time for a lot of these characters and now you have the chance of getting your paws on them ahead of the curve. Pretty neat, eh?

We have all of the official rules and entrance criteria listed for each giveaway below so please read all of the fine print carefully. The best part is that you can enter all three contests so don’t forget to follow all of the steps. We want to send a big thank you to Matty and crew for sending along these exclusive sets to make these great giveaways possible.

Now, hurry up and get your entries in, all of the details are listed after the jump!

Are you ready? Here we go!


Pretty cool huh? The three packs in question are:

1) Firestorm (who ran as a back up story in Barry’s series for 15 issues), Angle Man and Killer Frost (who was a boss in the GBA gameJustice League Heroes: The Flash).


2) Kyle Rayner, Evil Star and Goldface (who had a role as a villain during Barry’s series and returned in Geoff John’s run of The Flash as Keystone City’s Union Commissioner)

3) and last but certainly not least Barry Allen (previously released as a single), and classic Flash Rogues, Heatwave (available for the first time) and Mirror Master (previously released as a single and in a 3 pack along with Copperhead and Lex Luthor).

I have zero interest in the Firestorm pack (sorry Ronnie), and almost the same in the Kyle Rayner pack (I just want Goldface). The Flash 3 pack however is a no-brainer except that I already have Barry and Mirror Master. I might have to try and track down Heatwave and Goldface as singles in the secondary market. I just can’t believe that Mattel does something really awesome and then screws it up almost immediately after (for me at least) by making these convention exclusives. I’m also not thrilled about the fact that they MAY have some left over at the END OF THE YEAR for those who couldn’t make it the cons. I understand that they didn’t have to make these sets and that its cool that they are releasing them in some way, but man I can see these sets making some scalpers a lot of money.  Of course if I were to win one of these that would solve half of my problem.

If you plan on entering all three contests keep in mind that you need to have a valid Fwoosh account (sign up is free) and a Facebook account (sign up also free).

Entries are due by 11:59:59 pm CST Saturday, March 12th, 2011 so you’ve got about 2 days left. So get to it!

Good luck and thanks for reading,


Devin “Flash” Johnson


7 thoughts on “The Fwoosh Justice League Unlimited Giveaway

  1. Lia

    Thanks for the heads-up — I’d missed this. I too would love to win something, as otherwise I’m going to have to beg someone to buy the Flash pack for me at one of the cons! Thanks a lot, Mattel…

  2. Fastest

    Hey Devin,

    C2E2 is next weekend and evidently is one of the stops where you can purchase these 3 packs, if you would like me to pick these up for you I most certainly would. I’ll definitly pick up the Heat Wave on for myself. Let me know,, my name is Mark.


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