McDonald’s Young Justice Happy Meal Promotion Starts Today!

Yes, you read correctly. McDonald’s latest Happy Meal toys will be featuring the stars of the hit new Cartoon Network series, Young Justice. Not only that but they will be featuring two characters extremely well known to fans of The Flash, Kid Flash and Captain Cold:


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Kid Flash has a platform similar to the Turbo Platform from the 1991 Toybiz Flash action figure, when you pull it back it rockets him forward:


Captain Cold comes with an “Ice” projectile that can be fired from his Freeze Cannon?:




A nice little surprise from Mickie D’s, especially since I never would have expected them to release Captain Cold as a Happy Meal toy. Lia is going to be thrilled! It is a little funny that they gave him a freeze cannon, but beggars can’t be too choosy. I’m going to be spending some time myself tracking down Kid Flash and Captain Cold both. I wish there were some kind of schedule so I could know when to go but oh well. By the way, I especially like the commercial they have available at the same place I snagged these pics. There are also activity and coloring pages for those into that kind of thing.


Thanks for reading and Happy Hunting,

Devin “Flash” Johnson


7 thoughts on “McDonald’s Young Justice Happy Meal Promotion Starts Today!

    1. Lia

      The manager was kind enough to look in the back to see if they had Captain Cold, but alas all they had was Superman and Superboy.

      I did get to see the figures in the display; they’re larger than I’d thought.

  1. Zoeyi

    I love this ‘Young Justice’. But today only I get known on it. Which outlet still have the 8 types of ‘Young Justie’? FYI, my house is located at Klang Area. Plz advice. TQ.

  2. Chris

    a buddy of mine works at a mcdonalds in CT and he got me the entire display case with all the toys for FREE!!!

    1. Devin Post author

      Awesome! Now that is what I call a hook up, I wish I had a Mickie D’s connect. Unfortunately I wouldn’t even know what to do with the rest of them.


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