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Nothing is “Back to Normal” in THE FLASH #52 (Review)

Let me get this out of the way…I loved this issue of THE FLASH! From the sheer number of Easter Eggs in the opening splash page to the discovery of [REDACTED] at the end, this was a great issue. Barry is wishing things could be as they were, but that’s hard after the events of Flash War. Still, Central City is the same, right? Right? Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!


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Flash Collectible News Round-Up: Mattel

Hey Speed Readers,

I know it’s been a while since we’ve updated you on all the Flash Collectible News swirling about and there has been quite a bit these past few weeks. We will begin with Mattel:

For those of you who missed it Mattel quietly announced the cancellation of their Young Justice 4 inch and 6 inch action figures at retail citing poor retailer support. They later went on to make an official announcement that the figures that are further along in tooling may receive releases on Mattycollector.com in the near future but they can’t be 100% about it.

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Reminder: JLU Jay Garrick on Sale Tomorrow at Mattycollector.com

Salutations Speed Readers,

Just a quick reminder for those anxiously awaiting for the last major Flash-related offering from Mattel’s Justice League Unlimited line. Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash will be on sale tomorrow in a three pack along with Alan Scott (the Golden Age Green Lantern) and the Golden Age Hawkman:


The three pack will officially go on sale at 9 a.m. Pacific (12 noon Eastern) time and will set you back around 20 dollars for all three. Not a bad deal at all, especially considering some prices for JLU at retail. Not to mention you get three all new action figures as opposed to the previous JLU three packs where we were lucky in some cases to get one (I’m looking at you Heatwave pack).

I personally had planned on getting two packs in order to support DC and the JLU line but this will probably be one of my last major Flash purchases for a while and I think I will only be getting one initially. I already purchased a prototype of the Jay Garrick Flash a few months ago and having three of the same figure would be overkill.

You can purchase the set tomorrow by following this link.

In any case happy hunting! I hope everyone gets a chance to grab one!

Thanks for reading,

Devin Johnson





Young Justice Series 1 Kid Flash Pictures *Image Intensive*

Greetings Speed Readers,

For those not in the know Young Justice is DC Comic’s latest animated series to hit Cartoon Network. The Kid Flash featured on this show has been stated and explicitly named as Wally West. This is obviously Wally before he graduates on to (possibly) becoming the Fastest Man Alive. The 4.25″ action figure of Kid Flash has been hitting stores all over the country and I finally got my hands on one via Amazon.com. First some mint on card pics:

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Recent Acquisitions 7: Hot Pursuit? *Image Intensive*

What if instead of a motorcycle, Hot Pursuit used oh I don’t know, roller blades? Yes, Cosmic Roller Blades. That seems to be the concept behind the very, very hard to find Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Rocket Zoom Flash that I recently procured. Take a look:

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JLU Jay Garrick Gets A Release Date!

With all the April Fool’s Hoopla on Speed Force and Fastest Fan Alive, I managed to miss this very important and awesome announcement from Matty on Facebook:

JLU Fans,

After much struggle, I was able to convince management to put two of the remaining eight JLU 3-packs up on MattyCollector.com in the fall. This will be a big test to see if it’s a viable option for selling figures this way. If we’re successful, it opens the door to the remaining six packs. If not, we may be out of options.

Here’s the deal… there will be no changes to the packs from the original 3-pack configuration because that would require additional development. We know some of these packs are more “retail friendly” instead of just for collectors (like the inclusion of Superman and Aquaman with fan-demanded Toy Man) but honestly, it is what it is and we can’t change things at this point.

The two packs sold on MattyCollector.com in September will be the Golden Age pack with Hawkman / Green Lantern / Flash and the Space Pack With Starman / Animal Man / Adam Strange. These packs were chosen because they were the farthest along in development, plain and simple.

I’m super stoked to reveal the 3-packs over the weekend at WonderCon so check Facebook to see when I’ve posted pictures of them. And if you’re in the San Francisco area, be sure to stop by WonderCon to meet me and the team!


P.S. This is definitely NOT an April’s Fool’s Day joke. I’d never kid about something like this.

Definitely good news. Very pleased that I won’t have to be dropping 70 bucks or so on a JLU Jay Garrick “prototype” on eBay. Even happier that this is going to be sold on Mattycollector.com, so everyone has a chance at it. I just hope the website is working properly cause I have a feeling this Golden Age set is going to sell out fast. It features figures that appeal to a wide variety of fans; Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, JLU, JSA and even Golden Age fans are going to want a crack at it.

Action Figure Insider had some of the first legit pics up and the set looks absolutely stunning:


Picture Courtesy of AFi


Sculpts and details are all spot on. Only thing now is the waiting, September is sooo far away. I’m almost tempted to bid on one of those Jay prototypes on eBay. Almost. One thing I’m learning is that patience goes a long way for certain collectibles as far as getting the best price. Only thing is you could miss out on an item entirely by waiting for the cheaper deal when dealing with limited items like the Con-exclusive White Lantern Flash. Only 1000 were made, making it extremely rare, and once they are gone, they are gone. The only chance is the after market and then expect to pay even more the longer you wait.

Anyone throwing their hat in for the JLU Golden Age Set?

Devin “Flash” Johnson