Geoff Johns Talks Flashpoint, Dodges the Wally Question

So, even when asked point blank, “Are we going to be seeing Wally in Flashpoint at all?” Geoff Johns can’t bring himself to say anything more than “It’s more focused on Barry and the DC Universe.”

Look, we know Barry’s the star. We get that. But it seems that in a gigantic, sprawling event centered on The Flash, with a central miniseries, 16 miniseries and at least four one-shots telling side stories, there ought to be room for Jay Garrick (yeah, him too) and Wally West somewhere. Bart gets a miniseries, and even Professor Zoom gets a one-shot.

The question wasn’t, “Will Wally West be a major player?” It was “Will Wally West appear.”

How hard is it to say, “Yes, he’ll be there, but he isn’t the focus of the book.”

I can only assume at this point that Wally West isn’t anywhere in the event, or that if he is, it’ll be in line with his appearance in this week’s issue of The Flash: a cameo as part of Barry’s cheerleading section. Or dead. Because let’s be honest: DC hasn’t given me any reason to believe anything else.

Back when DC canceled their plans for Wally West backup stories, Geoff Johns assured fans that Wally would not only be fine — he was going to kick ass. I’m still waiting.

At this point, I’m beginning to wish DC would just stop talking about Flashpoint until it launches. (Or maybe I should stop covering it.) I was pumped at the beginning — finally, the Flash is at the center of a big DC event, and there will be room for everyone! And I figured on buying 5 or 6 of the tie-ins, a big jump from the one tie-in I bought for Blackest Night. But far from piquing my interest, it seems like every “Flashpoint Friday” kills a little more of my enthusiasm.

Anyway, head over to the full interview at IGN. He talks about Flashpoint and Green Lantern, and of course doesn’t reveal a whole lot, since this is spoiler-free “wait and see” Geoff Johns.


15 thoughts on “Geoff Johns Talks Flashpoint, Dodges the Wally Question

  1. Wayne Lippa

    That’s why I have pretty much stopped reading the “Flashpoint Friday” stuff at The Source and any interview about it. This event is getting too hyped. I was starting to feel less and less enthused about it instead of more excited. For me, DC has drifted into the territory of “too much information” (or non-information as it were) with this event.

  2. kyer

    Right now please excuse me as I say that the only ass kicking I want are directed at the posterior of certain DC department heads. They wanted me irked? I’m irked. So irked I don’t care if they go bankrupt…though I’ll feel bad for the store owners. Though Marvel may well pick up any slack.

    To think I got enthused about Barry and Flash because I wanted some joy in my life. Guess the laugh was on me.

    You are spot on Kelson. All those minis…no room for any Flash whose name doesn’t end in ‘Allen’.

  3. Lex

    I’m still looking forward to Flashpoint, but that might be because I’m not looking at it as a Flash-centric event. I’m looking at is as more of a fun, imaginative alternate universe story. The minis I’m looking forward to the most have nothing to do with Flash (ex. Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown and Deadman and the Flying Graysons).

    If I thought of it as a Flash-centric event, I’d be upset about the lack of Flash-specific characters like Wally.

  4. Mr Maczaps

    someone should make up some “Where’s Wally” T’s and start wearing there everywhere…

    I like Barry, but I love Wally. I grew up on Wally & Kyle as Flash & GL… both characters might as well be dead because Wally is not Wally and right now over in GL it actually looks like Kyle is getting the axe… neither character is being written well.

    Show some respect writers, artists & DC COMICS. if it wasn’t for Wally & Kyle there’d had been no Flash & GL stories in the 90s!!!

    sorry that was a bit off….

  5. EJ

    I’m sure as hell pumped for Flashpoint, everything surrouding it has me finally in a positive way for Flash. Kubert is ahead of schedule and it’s a Barry centric event, plus it seems like there will be big consequences and relaunches by the time it ends for the entire DCU.

  6. Javi Trujillo

    Mr. Maczaps, I have to respectfully disagree with you on Kyle not being written well. I grant you that it did not start off well with GLC, but Gleeson changed that and I think he is more in character now. Kyle is no longer spoutting “Great Guardians!” as he was when Gibbons was on the book. I do agree that the future does not look bright for Kyle, especially as he is nowhere to be found on the covers of the most recent solicits, just his damaged mask. If he’s not a GL at the end of the war, count me dropping that title. Plus, they already killed him last year!

    If we don’t see Wally post Flashpoint, I’m considering leaving Flash, too. So far, this current run by Johns isn’t building the momentum that he had when he relaunched GL.

  7. Kyer

    Oh, I’m not leaving Flash. I’m sticking about. Just going to not buy the books or toys until Wally is allowed his own spotlight. Until then I’m going to be asking annoying questions like “Where’s Wally West the Fastest Man Alive?” “What happened to Barry Allen’s favorite nephew, Mr. Johns?” “Trivia Pursuit question, Senor Didio, for the winning points! Who was the Flash alongside Jay during the 22 years before Barry returned?”

  8. Lee H

    Maybe Wally’s role will be a surprise reveal in one of the titles that Geoff doesn’t want to spoil either way?

    When he was asked if Professor Zoom would be in Rebirth he said “He’s dead, Flash killed him”.

    1. The Irredeemable Shag

      Lee – I’ve been wondering the same thing. DC Staff has been real weird about talking about Wally. Almost like they are purposefully avoiding the subject. If so, perhaps it’s to avoid backlash, or because they are hiding something. So what would the be hiding? It would have to be big to make that kind of effort. Perhaps Wally does play a large surprise role in “Flashpoint”. What role is typically reserved for surprises? I’d say either a death or a “turned evil” reveal.

      I’m calling it here (unless someone has already put forth this theory and I missed it)… Wally West is the secret villain of Flashpoint! Place your bets!

      The Irredeemable Shag

  9. Married Guy

    I’m hanging in, but it won’t be too much longer until I pull the pin on a comic I have collected religiously for over 30 years.

  10. Phantom Stranger

    I can’t believe that Wally West would not be involved at all in an event called Flashpoint. My guess is a twist is involved in the story, where he will show up unexpectedly.

  11. Savitar

    Considering that Johns earned part of pedigree with writing a classic run featuring Wally, it’s sad and strange to see him almost totally ignore the character.

    I was of the opinion that perhaps this event will lead to Wally adopting a new hero identity ala Dick becoming Nightwing after dropping the Robin identity. Even if he wasn’t the Flash, at least he was still visible and active.

    But now that seems almost futile. I wasn’t going to read that much of Flashpoint beforehand (not enough money in the budget) but I’ll still read Flash. But this forced attention onto Barry at the expense of Wally is ill-conceived and an insult to fans.

      1. Savitar

        DC underestimated the loyalty fans have for Wally. They believed fans would just flock to Barry and that hasn’t happened.

        Johns just dismissed Wally in this interview. If there were any plans regarding his future, Johns is the type that would be hyped up about it. He may not spill the details, but his excitement could be felt through his comments.

        Not here. Not even a glimmer. It’s all about Barry.

        I like Barry. I’m glad he is back. He was the first Flash that I ever read. Yet no one from DC has yet to give any explanation for why Barry and Wally cannot both be the Flash.

        All this talk about ‘too many Flashes muddying the waters for the fans’ is rubbish. If you can accept 3600 Green Lanterns, not to mention four human GLs, then surely we fans can accept and follow two Flashes.

        I want Barry and Wally, both as the Flash, yet I can’t for reasons no one is willing to say beyond coy mocking answers. An insult to the fans.

  12. Penny Dreadful

    Wally’s non-presence in the relaunch is truly bizarre. It seems to make no sense to have an either/or mentality regarding Wally and Barry.


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