Who Is Hot Pursuit, REALLY?

Spoilers if you’re trade-waiting Flash: The Road to Flashpoint, but if you’ve read The Flash #9, you know that…

…futuristic motorcycle speedster Hot Pursuit appears to be another Barry Allen. But who else do we know who looks exactly like Barry Allen, doesn’t have his own super-speed, and wears a blue-and-white outfit?



7 thoughts on “Who Is Hot Pursuit, REALLY?

  1. Kyer

    This just shows that dumping guys into the Speed Force to get rid of them (hello, Superboy Prime? Wally? Thawne, Max) is a really wasted effort: it can’t hold anybody.

  2. Lee H

    Cobalt Blue could also steal the Flash’s speed, but not use it himself. Could be how he powers up his motorcycle.

  3. monkeypaw

    Though it matches, I doubt it. He’s going to meet Wally in this story, and Wally already knows who he is(unless there’s a story I missed). Since Wally already knew about Nekron, he’ll probably know about blue.


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