Cobalt Blue T-Shirt Available Exclusively At VA Comicon

All right! With wild speculation concerning the identity of the individual(s) behind Flashpoint swirling about, we have a surprise exclusive being released first through VA Comicon coming up April 9, 2011 in Richmond, VA. The remaining t-shirts will be distributed through various outlets until they are gone.

Check it out:

The T-Shirt retails for $19.99 and will only be available in limited quantities.

I think the timing of the shirt is indicative of what I’ve known all along; Malcolm Thawne is behind Flashpoint and Barry Allen has no hope of stopping him.

Who plans on picking this baby up?


-Devin “Zoom” Johnson


2 thoughts on “Cobalt Blue T-Shirt Available Exclusively At VA Comicon

  1. PyroTwilight

    Is the shirt real? I want one.

    I’m assuming it’s all part of the Cobalt Blue April fools prank but boy did I love Cobalt Blue. I had been hoping he was the villain of Flash Rebirth when I first heard it.


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