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Where’s Wally West? C2E2, Dan Didio, and the Illusion of Change

First off, sorry for the lack of updates last week. Sometimes, life gets too busy to blog.

There’s been a lot of talk about Wally West since C2E2 panels brought up the usual non-answers, and a Bleeding Cool reporter accidentally asked Dan Didio about Wally.

He explained that fans had grown up with Wally West, seen him get married and have children and with the de-aging of Barry Allen, it would cheat those fans who grew to love Wally to de-age him as well.

As a justification, it’s a bit disingenuous. “We shouldn’t do to Wally what we did to Barry” kind of suggests that maybe they shouldn’t have done it to Barry either. And while there’s something to “We’re making your favorite character go away because we know you wouldn’t like what we do with him,” it seems like it would rank right up there with “I don’t want to ruin our friendship by dating you” on phrases that people like to hear.

At Boston Comic Con, Francis Manapul mentioned a rejected a Wally cameo that he tried to put into an early issue of the New 52 Flash.

He doesn’t say how Wally would have appeared, and frankly, that’s a problem in itself. A few months ago when I met Brian Buccellato at a signing, he pointed out that having Barry Allen young and Bart Allen as Kid Flash kind of squeezes out Wally: Wally should be somewhere between Barry and Bart. But if Barry never died, and Bart’s already Kid Flash, where does that leave Wally?

There’s just no room for Wally West in the DCnU.

I kind of suspect that’s by design: A lot of Didio’s statements line up with that first panel of Comic Critics up above (though I’m sure he did watch Justice League Unlimited – and note the reference to the same nostalgia cycle I talked about recently), and he’s often talked about how Barry Allen is “more iconic” and otherwise superior to Wally West. I’ve long thought, cynically, that “more iconic” means “the version I grew up with,” but as I mull over the words reported by Bleeding Cool, I think it means something else. Continue reading

Flash Costume Photos From Wondercon, C2E2 (2011)

All reports are that this year’s WonderCon was a great convention, and a lot of fun, though crowds are beginning to become an issue. I had to miss it this year, but one of the great things about the Internet and social media is that you can still capture some of the experience of going to a con without leaving your home.

So, here’s a round-up of the Flash-related costume/cosplay photos I’ve found on Flickr from WonderCon and C2E2.

Flash & GL

Green Lantern/Flash

Psykitten Pow as the Flash and Mia Ballistic as Green Lantern at WonderCon (previously seen in this costume at San Diego 2010), photo by LynxPics. They were part of a much bigger group, which is up next after the cut.

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C2E2 Comic Con Exclusives White Lantern Flash and JLU Heatwave (Image Intensive)

So last weekend Chicago’s biggest comic book convention, C2E2 was held. Which just so happens to be the the first leg on the Mattycollector.com Collector Appreciation Tour 2011. This is the first place they would be selling the Heatwave, Flash and Mirror Master set, amongst other JLU goodies. Now normally I would be sitting back looking at the trickle of toy news online and thinking about how much the figures are going to cost me on evilBay the next day. This time however I had an ace in the hole; a reader of Speed Force who frequently posts comments under the name Fastest, Mark Maslauskas. Mark was going to the convention and was kind enough to offer to pick up a set for me. Can you believe it? Absolutely awesome.

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White Lantern Flash Exclusive Action Figure

DC Comics’ official blog, The Source announced earlier this morning that an exclusive White Lantern Flash action figure will be sold this weekend at C2E2 and later at WonderCon. Distributed by popular pop culture t-shirt company, Graphitti Designs and limited to 1000 pieces, this is sure to be a big collector’s item one day. Of course we fans have actually known about the figure for quite sometime but this is the first official statement and pictures regarding it. Take a look:


They chose the smallest picture ever to show off the figure on the site here is a slightly clearer one courtesy of AFI:


I don’t fully get the whole White Lantern thing as I have not been following Brightest Day at all really, but not a bad figure. It is obviously a repaint of the DC Direct Blue Lantern Flash released a bit ago and that is not a bad thing at all. In fact that figure is probably one of the best sculpted DC Direct Flash figures in years, so I have no problem with them reusing it.

The design elements of the costume itself are pretty interesting, especially the choice of Wally’s belt instead of Barry’s classic straight across design. I don’t particularly like when they mix and match elements of Wally and Barry (as in the case of Young Justice’s Flash) but it definitely works better for the overall look. I can’t wait to see this figure up close and personal though, I have a feeling that the pictures don’t do the piece justice.

Oddly enough, DC left out the information about pricing. I believe it will be going for around 18 dollars or so. Availability of the exclusive will be limited to one item per guest. A number of websites and sellers on evilBay are offering preorders for the item for those that can’t make it out to the Cons. The prices however range from as low as 16.99 on some websites to as high as 70 dollars on evilBay.

Does anyone else plan on picking up White Lantern Flash?

Thanks for reading,

-Devin “Flash” Johnson