Thoughts on the New DCU – Part 3: Batman and Company

Continuing our series reacting to the news of DC’s September relaunch. Previously we’ve looked at the Justice League and Green Lantern books. This time: Gotham City!

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Batman and Detective Comics

Greg: It is kind of nuts that DC is starting Batman and Detective Comics back at #1. That is probably one of the most notable things about this reboot. I have really enjoyed Snyder’s Detective work, and will probably pick up Gates of Gotham this summer. Jesus Saiz is a great artist, I really loved his Brave and the Bold. The thing is, Grant Morrison’s Batman stuff is pretty much the best superhero comics of all time, and Batman Inc. is on hiatus until next year after issue #10. I would have liked to see him handle Damian as Robin to Bruce’s Batman on a regular basis, ahead of anyone else.

Kelson: I’m not surprised to see Bruce Wayne back as the “one true Batman.” I figured it was going to happen eventually. Though I am surprised to see DC once again picking up where they let off after telling us they were rewinding the world to younger versions of their heroes.

Lia: Full disclosure: I’ve never been fond of Batman or the Batbooks, which no doubt colours my opinion. And quite frankly there are far too many Batbooks.

Batman & Robin

Lia: At least this one has Damian, who’s entertaining because he’s so rotten.


Devin: I was tempted to give Batwing a chance until I saw who it was written by.


Devin: Since I was a young child I always found Robin to be more appealing than Batman for some reason and this extended to Nightwing and Tim Drake. Their different and cheerier outlooks on life just appealed to me more than Batman and his mission of darkness and generally poor disposition. I only got to read the first arc or so on Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin but I loved how he wrote Dick as Batman. I’m glad they didn’t throw all that out with this reboot. I can’t wait to see where they go with him next. I do miss the blue in his costume though.

Kelson: It’s going to take a while to get used to the new Nightwing costume, but then I was never really a fan of his previous outfit. It just just seemed way too generic.

Lia: Well, at least he isn’t being demoted back to Robin.


Kelson: J.H. Williams III and Amy Reeder art has me tempted, but on the other hand, I only got a couple of issues into the Detective Comics run.

Lia: Cover art is gorgeous as always, but the character is a cipher to me.


Lia: I’m one of the people dismayed by DC putting Barbara Gordon back as Batgirl. It’s a severe regression for the character, it takes away a positive role model for people with disabilities, and will no doubt irritate the extremely vocal fans of the other two Batgirls. I really don’t know what DC was thinking on this one. Gail Simone will be fighting an uphill battle and it probably isn’t worth it.

Kelson: I’m torn on Batgirl. On one hand, it’s never made sense that in a world with magic, Lazarus pits and so forth, Barbara Gordon couldn’t recover from a spinal injury, but Batman could recover from a broken back and just about everyone in the DCU could recover from being dead. On the other hand, she was a great character as Oracle (not to mention an inspiration to disabled readers).

Devin: I had the biggest crush on Batgirl back when the older show was on and I always marked out for her appearances later (like in the animated series). I remember when I first found out that she was crippled by the Joker; I was devastated. Luckily, she lived on as Oracle and became more useful than she ever could have been as Batgirl. I’m going off of Gail Simone’s word and reputation that she will treat Barbara with the respect she deserves. I just hate to see all this backtracking when it comes to awesome character development.

Birds of Prey

Lia: Could be interesting, although taking Gail Simone off the title is probably a mistake. And I’m really wondering how these particular characters come together to form a team.

Kelson: It’s really odd to see Birds of Prey without Oracle.


Lia: I don’t like Judd Winick, and the boobalicious cover to #1 is ridiculous. Try again.

Red Hood and the Outlaws

Lia: This one will utterly delight many fangirls, who love Jason Todd and are no doubt relieved to see Roy Harper has his arm back. The concept looks interesting, but I’m an old X-books fan and have rarely liked Scott Lobdell’s work (Generation X being the exception).

Kelson: Every time I look at this one, I think, “Wait….WHAT?” I cannot seem to wrap my head around its existence. And while the Kenneth Rocafort art should be good (based on his work on Velocity), I’m kind of afraid to see what Starfire will look like (again, based on his work on Velocity).

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3 thoughts on “Thoughts on the New DCU – Part 3: Batman and Company

  1. Jason West

    No comment on this travesty of DC’s Wolverine…aka Batman is a main character in six books and his supporting cast gets 8 titles…it just keeps pissing me off. I used to like Batman/his world too…before I grew up. Screw you Bruce Wayne. >:(

  2. JonQCitizen

    The re-numbering doesn’t bother me at all….though the Dark Knight starting again at #1 after only 5 issues is “different”.

    I’ll be collecting what I’ve always collected from the Batman franchise…I’m a devout Bruce Wayne fan, so I didn’t like the whole Grayson as Batman run over the last couple years anyway.

    Put me down for Batman, Detective, & Dark Knight. I’ve always respected Winnick, so I may give Catwoman a try….I was somewhat bummed that I didn’t collect her back a few years ago when they ended her series.


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