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Wally’s Last Run?! Review of TITANS #5

titans-5-cover“I’m Wally West, the fastest man alive” is how this issue begins…and exactly how fast is that? Wally has been lost in time for the 10 “lost years” of the New 52. He’s become faster if anything…but now he has the race of all time to run. To save everyone, Wally will have to run faster than he has ever run before. And, with time and relationships not what they were before, the question has to be asked…can he do all of that and stay outside the Speed Force itself? Will Abra Kadabra have his ultimate revenge? For more, follow us after the jump!


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DC Entertainment Announces Two Animated Projects Featuring The Flash


Variety reported yesterday that DC Entertainment working with Mattel, Fisher Price and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will release two direct-to-homevideo animated projects featuring different versions of The Flash.

The first, Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts is based on the Mattel Batman Unlimited toy line:

Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts” will debut May 12, as a direct-to-homevideo animated movie that features Batman, the Flash, Red Robin, Nightwing and Green Arrow as they face off against super villain the Penguin, while introducing cyber animals as new foes. A sequel film will be released around the second half of 2015.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will release the “Batman Unlimited” films on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD. In addition, WB will also produce 22 two-minute shorts around the “Batman Unlimited” toys, making them available for free on a variety of digital platforms, while a companion app also will provide young fans with access to content.

Mattel produces the Batman Unlimited action figures which are rolling out onto store shelves now, and feature a new look for the Caped Crusader.

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Nightwing 101 Sale Includes Digitial Flash Back-Issues

The Flash Plus Nightwing

ComiXology is holding a Nightwing 101 sale this weekend, with 101 comics featuring Nightwing for 99¢ each. In addition to issues of Nightwing, Robin Year One, and Robin’s first appearance in Detective Comics #38, there’s also a “Friends and Allies” section with team-ups and a significant New Teen Titans arc. There’s some solid Flash content from the Wally West series in here:

  • Flash #81-83: “Back on Track” guest-starring Nightwing, Starfire and Magenta. (More accurately it’s parts 2-4 of the story, I guess because IIRC Nightwing and Starfire only show up on the last page of part 1.)
  • Flash #210-211 guest-starring Nightwing
  • The Flash Plus Nightwing – Wally and Dick go on a road trip vacation and end up mixed up in an extradimensional invasion.
  • The New Teen Titans #39 – in which Dick Grayson and Wally West retire as Robin and Kid Flash.

Thoughts on the New DCU – Part 3: Batman and Company

Continuing our series reacting to the news of DC’s September relaunch. Previously we’ve looked at the Justice League and Green Lantern books. This time: Gotham City!

Batman · Detective Comics · Batman and Robin · The Dark Knight · Batwoman · Catwoman · Birds of Prey · Batgirl · Nightwing · Red Hood and the Outlaws · Batwing

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New Flashpoint Creative Teams & Covers Announced (UPDATED)

DC is announcing the creative teams and first covers for eight of the fifteen Flashpoint miniseries today. Each announcement comes along with yet another teaser.

DC seems to be announcing them alphabetically, but I’m moving the Flash-related ones up to the top because, well, this is a Flash site! So far we’ve got Citizen Cold, Batman: Knight of Vengeance, Deathstroke and the Curse of the Ravager, Deadman and the Flying Graysons, Hal Jordan (a new one), World of Flashpoint, Emperor Aquaman, and finally…Legion of Doom.

Click on the covers to read the original announcements.

Flashpoint: Citizen Cold

Covers: Scott Kolins
Writer: Scott Kolins
Art: Scott Kolins

“He loves someone he shouldn’t.”

I was fully expecting Scott Kolins as the artist on this book — his style is perfect for the modern take on the Rogues. But I wasn’t expecting a one-man show. I really figured Geoff Johns would want to write the Captain Cold mini himself.

Going by the weapons and gloves, those hands look like the Weather Wizard, Tar Pit, Fallout, the Trickster and the Mirror Master…opposed to Captain Citizen Cold. Update: I have some more commentary on this one.

Flashpoint: Legion of Doom

Covers: Miguel Sepulveda
Writer: Adam Glass
Art: Rodeny Buchemi & Jose Marzan

“Whatever Happened to the World’s Greatest Super Villains?”

You know, I thought it was odd that Heat Wave wasn’t on that Citizen Cold cover…

Also, this makes one more book that I’m going to have to check out. Not because of Super Friends nostalgia, but because of Heat Wave.

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Speed Reading: Middle Generation, Sonic, Dark Flash, and More

Some end-of-the-week linkblogging

Collected Editions considers DC’s middle generation and the Nightwing problem — Dick Grayson, Wally West, Donna Troy, Kyle Rayner, etc. — and what DC’s future might have in store for them after Superman returns from New Krypton and Bruce Wayne returns from…wherever he is.

Factpile wants to know who would win in a fight: Sonic the Hedgehog vs. the Flash.

The Flash-Back Podcast reviews the “Dark Flash” storyline from the Mark Waid/Brian Augustyn run.

Crimson Lightning has found a photo of people in Flash and Quicksilver costumes at Chicago Comic-Con last week.

Around the Web

DVDs Worth Watching notes that the next DC Animated film (after Superman/Batman: Public Enemies) will be Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. No word on whether it’ll adapt the original “Crisis on Earth-One” and “Crisis on Earth-Two” story or something else entirely.

Here’s a great mock-up of an article by Peter Parker on The Mutant Problem, complete with sidebar photos and profiles. (via Robot6)