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Funko Pop! Blue Lantern Flash Figurine Announced


Hey Speed Readers,

Yet another awesome Funko Pop! Flash figurine has been announced: Blue Lantern Flash is coming from Funko Pop! available in a standard version and a special metallic variant in the next couple of months.

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Justice League – The Flashpoint Paradox Blu-ray To Feature Exclusive Reverse Flash Figurine ***UPDATED****


Hey Speed Readers,

So last year retailer, Best Buy teamed with DC Entertainment to bring us an exclusive Flash Figurine based on the DC Animated straight to video release,  Justice League: DoomThe figurine was the eighth statue released up to that point.

This time around The Flash and his arch-nemesis, Professor Zoom, The Reverse Flash are front and center in the latest DC Animated straight to video release, Justice League – The Flashpoint Paradox. As a result we will be getting an exclusive Reverse Flash figurine that will only be available at Best Buy stores and Bestbuy.com:

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DCUC Crime Syndicate Johnny Quick First Look

The Fwoosh has the first look at Johnny Quick, The Crime Syndicate of Amerika’s own evil speedster who exists as a alternate Earth counterpart to our own Barry Allen, The Flash. There was also a version of Johnny that was an alternate and twisted version of Wally West but this design is clearly based on the Silver Age version of the sinister speedster. The figure will be released in a Walmart Exclusive Five pack that also includes the other four members of the CSA from various time periods; Johnny and Power Ring are from the Silver Age, Ultraman and Owlman are based on more modern renditions of the characters and Super Woman has a nice mix of everything. While I initially thought the different styles and looks wouldn’t mesh as well together I was mistaken:

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Exclusive Flashpoint Edition Professor Zoom Announced for SDCC 2011

Awesometoyblog.com announced earlier this week that an exclusive Flashpoint Edition Professor Zoom will be available at San Diego Comic Con 2011.  Just like the exclusive White Lantern Flash released at C2E2 and Wondercon, this figure will be distributed by popular pop culture T-Shirt company, Graphitti Designs and will be limited to 4000 pieces (fairly big leap from the 1000 available for White Lantern Flash).

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Mattel SDCC 2011 Speedster News

Hey Speed Readers,

A few days ago, Actionfigureinsider.com gave us our first look at the Mattel San Diego Comic-Con 2011 exclusives. Not much for the Flash and other speedsters on the DC Universe Classics front but there will be something a little different for speedster fans.

Mattel has a line of dolls called Monster High based on a concept that tries to appeal to the more macabre little tweeny girls out there by melding Hot Topic with horror. The premise behind them being that the characters are the plastic (literally and figuratively) offspring of famous film and literary monsters. The initial characters were based on the classic Universal Monsters but they have since branched out to include all different types.

Now what does this have to do with speedsters? One of the main characters, a zombie named Ghoulia Yelps is being offered at the ‘Con dressed as her favorite comic book character, Dead Fast, the Zombie Speedster:

(Picture obviously courtesy of Actionfigureinsider.com)

The Monster High product that will be sold at Comicon is a special Ghoulia Yelps collector doll dressed as Dead Fast. The doll comes with special collector packaging, is dressed in her costume, and also comes with a Dead Fast figure, comic book, and doll stand. See below for the talking points:

• Ghoulia Yelps is the zombie girl at Monster High and being that she is the smartest ghoul in school naturally she is a comic book fan. She’s on her way to Nekro Con dressed as her favorite zombie super hero, Dead Fast.

• Once he [Dead Fast] was just a face in the shambling crowd until he was pecked by a radioactive hummingbird giving him the power of super speed! Now he’s the zombie super hero Dead Fast!

• You can’t outrun zombie justice!

• She comes with a miniature Dead Fast action figure and a Dead Fast fan fic book that she wrote and illustrated herself.

I don’t know why but this sounds kind of cool. Little annoying that the “smartest ghoul in the school” is “naturally a comic book fan” but it is still a fun concept. I’m absolutely digging the costume and Silver Age-tinged origin (shades of Stan Lee’s re-imagining of The Flash) and I’m actually thinking about keeping an eye out for this in the secondary market.

Here is another picture I found courtesy of Hellyeahmonsterhigh.tumblr.com:

Anyone else plan on taking a detour off the beaten path and picking up Ghoulia Yelps a.k.a. Dead Fast?

Devin “Flash” Johnson

White Lantern Flash Exclusive Action Figure

DC Comics’ official blog, The Source announced earlier this morning that an exclusive White Lantern Flash action figure will be sold this weekend at C2E2 and later at WonderCon. Distributed by popular pop culture t-shirt company, Graphitti Designs and limited to 1000 pieces, this is sure to be a big collector’s item one day. Of course we fans have actually known about the figure for quite sometime but this is the first official statement and pictures regarding it. Take a look:


They chose the smallest picture ever to show off the figure on the site here is a slightly clearer one courtesy of AFI:


I don’t fully get the whole White Lantern thing as I have not been following Brightest Day at all really, but not a bad figure. It is obviously a repaint of the DC Direct Blue Lantern Flash released a bit ago and that is not a bad thing at all. In fact that figure is probably one of the best sculpted DC Direct Flash figures in years, so I have no problem with them reusing it.

The design elements of the costume itself are pretty interesting, especially the choice of Wally’s belt instead of Barry’s classic straight across design. I don’t particularly like when they mix and match elements of Wally and Barry (as in the case of Young Justice’s Flash) but it definitely works better for the overall look. I can’t wait to see this figure up close and personal though, I have a feeling that the pictures don’t do the piece justice.

Oddly enough, DC left out the information about pricing. I believe it will be going for around 18 dollars or so. Availability of the exclusive will be limited to one item per guest. A number of websites and sellers on evilBay are offering preorders for the item for those that can’t make it out to the Cons. The prices however range from as low as 16.99 on some websites to as high as 70 dollars on evilBay.

Does anyone else plan on picking up White Lantern Flash?

Thanks for reading,

-Devin “Flash” Johnson