Preview up for Flashpoint: Citizen Cold #3

DC has released a 4-page preview of next week’s Flashpoint: Citizen Cold #3:

He may have once been seen as Central City’s hero, but as the truth about Citizen Cold’s criminal past begins to trickle out, it’ll only be a matter of time before his true identity is revealed. With an entire gallery of Rogues set on killing him, Citizen Cold will have to work to not only protect himself but also to stop Iris West from losing her trust in him. But when she discovers a dark connection between them that he had kept hidden from her, does Citizen Cold stand any sort of chance defeating all of the odds stacking up against him?

Written and drawn by Scott Kolins, FLASHPOINT: CITIZEN COLD #3 arrives in stores on Wednesday.


9 thoughts on “Preview up for Flashpoint: Citizen Cold #3

    1. Kyer

      That’s why I am sort of glad that I don’t have access to floppies (although it sux not to be able to get the Retros) because it forces me to wait and find out that I likely would have hated the material before I plucked down 3-5 for it.

      As far as I’ve seen in scans and heard on reviews and forums…it’s just one big chance for writers and artists to indulge in their bloodlust. Frankly, I’m disgusted by it all. It’s done nothing but make me pine for the Comics Code while denuding me of any ammunition against those who would tell me that comics are of Satan…nothing but mindless violence.

      I’m now heartily embarrassed to have admitted to several coworkers that I like comics. Now I have to defend that the comics I applauded were ones written decades previously in just a small handful of titles…the rest is indeed the drivel they make faces at.

      1. mr maczaps

        i hear that… i hardly ever tell anyone that doesnt already know that i read comics… people only hear about the negative ones or the grotesque ones. this one as well as a few others from this series, all blood & gore. if i wanted to see that, i’d watch the evening news…

        at this point, i’m debating to just drop all modern books and dig into back issue bins for the 70s and older stuff… before my time but so far, been well worth the price for decent reading materials…

        where you from that you can’t get the “floppies” as you call ’em?

        1. Kyer

          I live in the suburbs of Phoenix, but the area is slowly dying and I’m nearly housebound for physical reasons…at least as far as traveling farther than I can walk on two disfigured feet. Plus, my family hates fantasy beyond early Walt Disney so just ordering stuff and having it dropped at the doorstep is kind of out. (I’ve gotten really good at sneaking things in…thank goodness I’ve a big room to myself with a bigger closet than most!

          1. mr maczaps

            Good that you can sneak some in. You could always have someone repackage in an amazon box right? I have to hide them. I’ve been living with my grandparents and I have stuff sent to my folks. Fun until the mailman thought he’d be nice and drop stuff where I was at….lol.
            I just read this weeks flashpoint and there’s some sick stuff on there… 😡

  1. married guy

    One of the better Flashpoint minis.
    I have to say, I’ve been pretty happy with my choices.
    Kid Flash
    Citizen Cold
    Project Superman
    Emperor Aquaman
    Wonder Woman & The Furies
    Batman Knight of Vengeance.

    The only one that I’ve been buying that has been average is Abin Sur.

    I’m enjoying the minis more than Flashpoint itself at the moment.

  2. Will McKay

    While some folks like good ol’ wholesome comics, others like myself, enjoy more mature material with a harder edge to it. Citizen Cold is one of the best minis to come out in a long time. It has a noir feel to it’s story.

    It’s pretty simple, if you don’t like comic books featuring villains then don’t buy it! Sit at home and play with your Strawberry Shortcake dolls instead.

    1. Kelson Post author

      Dude, you were fine until you made the Strawberry Shortcake crack.

      I’ve already removed another comment from someone who couldn’t resist deriding the other commenters here, but it’s happened again, so it seems I need to make a point.

      Is there anyone who likes violent comics who can (a) say so without taking shots at the other commenters and (b) actually take into account what they said instead of dismissing their opinions outright? And maybe even (c) consider that what they are really saying is that they want to be able to read less-violent comics featuring specific characters who are mainly appearing in more-violent comics, so just not reading them isn’t a satisfactory option?

      Something like, “Well, people who thought comics were a tool of the devil didn’t stop thinking so when the Code was in place, so why would it help now?”

      That would be a valid response. Not calling the other commenters children.

      1. Will McKay

        I wrote que because I tried posting earlier a response but it said the site was unavailable. Not sure if your site is having problems or my computer.


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