Media Blitz!: Manapul and Buccellato Talk Flash at CBR

On the same day as the posting of part two of Newsarama’s interview with the Flash creative team, Comic Book Resources has posted their own conversation with the dynamic duo of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato.

While it covers some of the same ground as the Newsarama articles, the CBR interview does delve further into a few items including the art process, something that has gathered a lot of interest amongst fans drawn to Manapul and Buccellato’s unique style.  Manapul even mentions the color chart, something he first talked about in our interview with him earlier this year.

The article also includes an exclusive look at a page from Flash #3.  Follow the jump for more…

The two go on to speak about what it means to them to be working on Flash, personally:

Manapul: I think I said that the past eleven years of my career has been building up to this book. It was really, really important to me. I told Brian, listen, if there’s bad reviews — I know I can’t separate myself from my work because I feel I am my work, so I said, read the reviews first and tell me what they say.

Buccelllato: I read them all and started off saying, “Read this one, read this one.” But they were all pretty much readable.

Manapul: I read them and I was struck down because it was a dream come true to know that, based on those reviews, we were going to be able to keep telling our story. I think that’s what I was most happy about, because if it was not greeted with a good response, we probably would not be able to tell the story that we want to tell. I’m really setting this up; I really want to leave my mark on the book. I want to be a part of the big Flash legacy.

Buccelllato: We want to have a run of “The Flash” that is memorable and stands the test of time.

They also touch on their favorite Flash runs:

Manapul: For me, when I came into the Flash, I came in during the Mark Waid, Mike Wieringo era. That was my favorite. It was around the time they introduced Bart Allen and there’s a lot of really exciting stuff happening. When we found out we were writing the book, I started reading all the “Showcase” stuff to get in touch with who Barry Allen was. Those books really influenced me in terms of how we’re handling the stories.

Buccelllato: I basically followed his lead. He said read this, read that, so I read this and that!

…their favorite Rogues:

Manapul: I love Captain Cold. To me, he is a real badass! And I think you’re going to see that, once we start our second arc. I also like characters like the Pied Piper, but our take on him is going to be different, he’s — well, I don’t want to reveal anything! But it’s going to be fun, because what you are going to see is, rather than a reintroduction of the Rogues, you’re going to see an evolution of them.

Buccelllato: For me, I think Captain Cold, of course, but I also love Gorilla Grodd a lot. I think it has to do with my love of “Planet Of The Apes!” [Laughs]

…and the status of one Wallace West (CBR notes that they followed up on the below with DC Comics, who said they had no plans for West at this time):

Finally, Brian, when I spoke with you at the DC Comics red carpet party, you mentioned that I should bring up Wally West. So…Wally West?

Manapul: [Laughs] The pitch is on Dan [Didio’s] desk. Let’s see if he finds it! That’s really all there is to say!

Be sure to head over to Comic Book Resources to catch the rest of the interview, and pick up Flash #2, out today!


3 thoughts on “Media Blitz!: Manapul and Buccellato Talk Flash at CBR

  1. Kyer

    I’ve been stuck dealing with a horrible new computer’s fiasco software, but still do my daily Wally West Google and saw the responses:

    How can anyone say with any honesty that they can’t have Wally in any of the new books because of the upcoming Flash movie when KYLE is currently about to kick major more ass than HAL in New Guardians #2 (based on scans I’ve seen) and Hal was the only Earth Lantern in The Green Lantern Movie?

    So we’ve got a few well-placed creators and artists who want Wally back too and DC is still being a….well, I now know which group the Kyle book creator may have had for his inspiration in the attitudes of the little blue guys….my opinion and hypothesis…not *technically* bashing, right? X(

  2. Martin Gray

    Great interview, I like the enthusiasm of Brian and Francis.

    That colour guide is fascinating, I love to see process.

    And does anyone believe there isn’t a vague plan in place to bring Wally back, first big event they have?

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