Injustice: Gods Among Us Exclusive Game Art Featuring The Flash plus E3 Game Footage

Devin back with a bit more Flash video game news. This past Friday the Injustice: Gods Among Us Facebook page posted an exclusive image of Batman facing off against the Flash with a close up of The Flash’s new duds:

Personally, from what we have seen of this armor I think it looks absolutely awesome. Sure I prefer the classic spandex look but if there is going to be crazy fighting with the likes of Superman I get it. I’m also acutely aware of what demographic this game is going after so unfortunately “badass” armor was pretty much expected. Still if it had to be any “badass” armor I’m glad it was this design.

But that isn’t all. Earlier today the page posted another exclusive image of The Flash facing off against Solomon Grundy this time:

No matter the costume he is wearing, after seeing the gameplay footage from G4 I am anxiously awaiting this game. I love fighting games and I love playing as speedsters and this looks like it is not only going  to be the best of both worlds but leagues better than what Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe had to offer. I’m hoping there is a lot more variety when it comes to game modes and unlockables/downloadable content. I know that Midway Games (the original developer of Mortal Kombat) was going out of business when MK vs DC was released so we weren’t able to get the planned downloadable content but it didn’t sound that good to begin with. I’m quite pleased that this game will be DC only and I’m hoping to see a nice and diverse cast of characters and some great alternate attires to boot. This is a sequel so I think there should be a good amount of time to devote to extras seeing as how the basic engine is already pretty polished.

Ed Boon, during the aforementioned gameplay video, mentioned that the game would have about the same amount of characters that were featured in NetherRealm’s 2011 release, Mortal Kombat.  Mortal Kombat 9 featured 27 different characters in the default roster and with the extremely likely option to get extra characters via unlockables or downloadable content I would imagine that the roster would consist of a fair number of heroes and villains. Since the designs seem to be taking a beat from the New 52 I’m wondering if maybe the reimagining of The Fastest Man Alive’s Rogues with internalized powers will allow them to be featured in this game a bit more smoothly. I could definitely see the new Captain Cold fitting in pretty well considering one of the main MK characters. Of course this is all pure speculation.

If you didn’t catch the link above you can check out the E3 game footage HERE.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is scheduled for release sometime in 2013.

Now that we have a closer look at the Flash armor and some more gameplay footage how do you all think the game is shaping up? Any fans of the armored look? Please let us know in the comments below.

Devin ‘Flash’ Johnson



5 thoughts on “Injustice: Gods Among Us Exclusive Game Art Featuring The Flash plus E3 Game Footage

  1. Eyz

    The game’s looking nice alright, but too gritty for my tastes :/
    I get it, it’s what today’s “gamers” like, but it ge4ts kinda dull and boring in my eyes…

    I fear the game will end up more Batman oriented than anything else really, so not much diversity. Heck, we already have Batman AND Harley confirmed. I’ll guess they’ll add 1-2 more Bat-good guys and 1-2 Bat-villains too. Just, top of my head, Catwoman and Joker are easy guesses.

    I’d love to see some new Rogues in there though, at least Cold!

  2. Javi

    I agree, Cold seems to be a shoe in, based on the MK character Sub Zero. It’s be nice to throw in Zoom as a variant, too!

  3. sars

    Love what I’m seeing so far. I was a big fan of the MK vs. DC game and always thought it’d be great to have an all-DC lineup. Glad to see that’s happening.

    But… I do think – like MK vs DC – it will be Bat-centric. Would love to see some of DC’s less “obvious” (but still powerful) characters get a chance in the spotlight.

    I know when I played MK vs DC I always thought having Catwoman fighting WW just looked off. I’m getting the same vibes with Harley 🙁

    1. Aedien

      Does anyone else think that the uniforms have a bit of a steam-punk look to them? I kind of like it and I like the idea of being able to make use of the environment. Looks a little dark though.
      BTW in the video they don’t give a specific release date, but amazon has it listed to be released on 12/31/2013.If that’s the case I’m a bit surprised they are already releasing images and footage.


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