New Wally West and Jay Garrick Heroclix!

Hey Speed Readers,

Not a day after posting and praising Neca/Wizkid’s latest New 52 Justice League Fast Forces and Justice League Flash releases on my own site does Wizkids announce that they will be releasing Wally West and Jay Garrick in the upcoming DC 10th Anniversary set.

First we take a look at the original speedster, Jay Garrick known in this set as The Flash #018. There have been two versions of Jay released previously representing the Golden and Silver Age:

This will be the first Modern Age iteration of Jay released and it looks like it was worth the wait. We saw a similar lightning bolt base with Wizkid’s new 52 Flash releases and it looks just as good here if not better. I have to say that the cosmic treadmill used as a base for the Silver Age Jay probably beats out this one. However, the overall sculpt on the new one looks to be better than both previous efforts, especially with the awesome running pose they have him in. He looks as if he is slicing the air in two as he speeds through it. Of course the real test will be when we see him in person. Still great stuff.

Excuse me but OH HECK YEAH! Why is Wizkids the only company to put out this version of Wally? I’m sure DC and Warner Bros. have a huge say in who and what gets made by the companies that hold their license but wow. I’m just happy HeroClix is on the ball. In fact HeroClix is the only licensed company to give us just about every member of the Rogues (sans Golden Golder) and every member of the *ahem* Speed Force in one iteration or another. In fact there have been by my count five solo Wally releases and one where he was teamed with Barry:

That is a feat unto itself. Wally is known in this set as The Flash #010 and he is doing one of my all time favorite offensive speed tricks, the arm-spun whirlwind. Man, these almost bring a tear to my eye. That is how excellent they look. Just wow. Consider my collecting passion renewed at least for a bit. I will definitely be picking these guys up.

You can see the original preview and some in-depth descriptions of the ‘Clix and their abilities, HERE.

These guys are finally expected to hit stores September 12, 2012. Who plans on picking up a brick or ordering them online? Please let us know in the comments below.

And as always thanks for reading,

Devin ‘Flash’ Johnson


13 thoughts on “New Wally West and Jay Garrick Heroclix!

  1. Flashshello

    These are great looking figures and I can’t wait to add them into my Flash collection of heroclix. Still need the 52 Flash though. 😛

    1. Flashshello

      Lee H
      “just now
      Does anyone have a full list of Flash related Heroclix?”

      you can go to hcrealms(dot)com, and under units, type in central city, or rogues, and you will get a list of most of the flash related figures made. also johnny quick and Liberty bell (jessie) to.

      1. Lia

        The team is entirely forgettable, but how could anyone forget dear Roy?? The guy at the Absorbascon site had a great custom Raider Heroclix made, though.

  2. Kyer

    It’s too small, it’s only a game piece, the red color is way too bright, it’s the Rebirth suit that was the precursor to the new Flash Family-less DC, it’s Wally, I want it.

    Someone hand me a brick.

    1. Kyer

      By the way, Devin, due to a Roach Cleansing Ceremony going on in my room I am typing from a cheapo (yet new) laptop from my living room. Had to type the above a grand total of six times because I kept hitting some mysterious button that sent me to another page and wiped everything out. Now for some reason the darn spaces keeps going haywire….trackpad?

      Just so you know how much I appreciate this kind of site. For nowhere else would I put up with this. 🙂

  3. RoseTintedVisor

    Hey Devin. Great write up.

    Heroclix does a great job of giving us the Flash Family, I agree. in dc75th, we got 2 Barrys, including White Lantern, and 3 Barts, including an Impulse (albeit an LE) and White lantern.

    one minor aside: There is an alt version of that Kid Flash you listed in your Wally grouping, that says WALLY WEST on the base. Its an LE. Nasty piece.

    A lot of the rogues are in dire needs of remakes to keep up with the flashes improved stats, but as Heroclix gives us clix like John Fox and Max Mercury… I’m willing to wait.

    1. Devin Post author

      Yeah I was aware of the Wally West LE piece, I personally collect the game just for the pieces, I really don’t play them at all, I just display them. So if a piece is similar to another one and I can get one cheaper than the other I will usually just go for the cheaper one. I’m not going to end up displaying two of the same figure anyway. You dig what I’m saying?

      As far as the stats as such, I can see where that can be problematic especially with so many of the Rogues being retired/part of the older system. I bet we will be seeing the new Rogues coming up in some set soon.

      In any case thanks for the heads up.


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