To Comic Con! (2013 Edition)

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Comic-Con International starts tonight and runs through Sunday, and as usual, Speed Force will be there to provide you with Flash-centric coverage.

Covering the Con

I’ll be onsite Thursday and Friday, tweeting and sharing photos from the floor, and posting photos nightly to Flickr. I’ll also be participating in SDCCBlog’s photo & video event on Google+. Watch for live coverage in the following places:

Plus we’ll be keeping an eye on the news reports out of the con for Flash-related announcements and Q&A items from panels.

Help Wanted

Sadly, I won’t be able to make the Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox premiere on Friday evening. If you’re going to be at the con, plan on catching the premeire, and would like to write up the after-screening discussion panel, please let me know through the contact form. Thank you!

Downtime on Thursday

In a case of unfortunate timing, our web host will be doing scheduled maintenance on Thursday, so the site will be down for about an hour sometime between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm Pacific time. I’ve set up a static mirror, so the front page and existing articles should stay up, but commenting and new articles won’t be available during that time. Sorry, no liveblog of the DC All Access panel.

Past Conventions

We covered two other conventions earlier this year:

We’ve also got a list of Tips for Comic-Con to help you make your most of San Diego (and other cons, though some of the tips are SDCC-specific). Finally, here’s the archive of all our 2012 Comic-Con coverage from last year.


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