Flash News: Villains Month, Zero Year, Forever Evil

A quick round-up of Flash news from this week:

Flash #25

November’s Flash #25 will tie into Batman: Year Zero, with a pre-Flash Barry Allen traveling to Gotham City. Chris Sprouse and Karl Story provide art for the Francis Manapul/Brian Buccellato story. MTV Geek has the details and interviews Manapul and Buccellato.

CBR talks to Brian Buccellato about the three Flash “Villains Month” issues featuring Grodd, Reverse Flash and the Rogues.

DC has preview pages of Villains Month Week 1 including Grodd and Villains Month Week 2 including the Reverse Flash.

DC has decided to retool Justice League 3000 before launch. Kevin Maguire has been replaced after drawing an entire first issue that won’t be published, and Howard Porter will take over art on the series, which will be pushed back to a December launch.

Finally, Geoff Johns reveals the real premise behind Forever Evil: Earth’s Villains aren’t just taking over in the absence of the heroes, they’re fighting against someone worse: the Crime Syndicate, alternate-reality evil versions of the Justice League, back on Earth 3 in the New 52 multiverse. The article at IGN includes a promotional piece featuring new designs for the villains including the Crime Syndicate’s speedster, Johnny Quick.

Forever Evil promo: Evil is Relative


6 thoughts on “Flash News: Villains Month, Zero Year, Forever Evil

  1. James

    It looks like David Finch has left most of Frank Quitely’s Crime Syndicate redesigns (JLA: Earth 2) intact while tweaking where necessary.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Geoff write some of his best villains (Sinestro, Black Adam, Captain Cold) all at once.

  2. Nick!

    I like how we are getting these flashback issues (like Zero Month). I hope this one is successful enough to see it happen again down the line as another one-off.

  3. Kyer

    Not the ‘Johnny Quick’ I’d have preferred to see.
    So is Barry pre-Flash as in Flash flashy duds or pre-Flash as in before lightning struck?
    And is anyone else seeing that skyscraper in the background as having Batman ears? Kind’a creepy, like “Batman KNOWS!” “Intruder alert!” 😛

  4. Devin "The Flash" Johnson

    Ok, I hate to admit it but Forever Evil now sounds awesome! I thought it was just going to be a series of “Rogue Profiles” for other villains in the DC Universe. Now that I see that these stories will have a point I’m definitely a bit more excited for it.

    Year Zero definitely is showing some promise as a concept and I think it would be cool to see the groundwork for the friendship/mutual respect that Bruce and Barry supposedly have. I have to admit while I miss Wally it is kind of surreal seeing Barry’s stories unfold for the first time again. While I may have disagreed with their methods the New 52 has had some decent stuff so far and Flash is no exception.

    Btw that Johnny Quick design is hideous. Of course I’ve always found the original design to be pretty bad as well. It just takes The Flash’s look and makes all the wrong changes as far as distinguishing them. He just looks like a bootleg Flash action figure. Still excited for the series and the rest of the Crime Syndicate look great.

  5. James

    Kyer — Snyder and Capullo have been deliberately seeding Bat-imagery throughout Gotham during the first two chapters of “Zero Year”, so Wayne Tower looking like a Bat is no coincidence.

    I think there’s also been at least one little piece of Owl imagery, thus hinting at the Court of Owls from their first year on the book.

  6. Theflash1990

    Ultraman looks more like Superman than New 52 Superman does.

    I really hate that damn collar on Superman. That is hands down the worst thing that they gave him, even worse than “armor”.


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