Nick Kuilder’s Adventures of Barry Allen Part One


Hey Speed Readers,

You all may remember Nick Kuilder from our Fifth Anniversary Contest we held back in June. We asked everyone “Why They Loved The Flash” and we all found Nick’s answer to be both inspiring and heartwarming.  Now Nick is back with a fun little piece of work we like to call,  Nick Kuilder’s Adventures of Barry Allen Part One featuring DC Collectibles New 52 Flash! Check it out after the break!

01Barry has just woken up and feeling pretty excited about his first venture onto the sea! [On holiday of course. We all know he’s run across the ocean before]

02The journey begins! After the train arrives…

03Gave Barry the window seat on the train. He loves seeing everything go by a little bit slower than what he’s accustomed to.

04Finally arrived at Circular Quay in Sydney. (“We’re not gonna need a bigger boat”)

05Waving good-bye to the Sydney Opera House

06And a bit of a fist pump to show how keen he is for this trip!

SONY DSCEnjoying the complimentary wine that came with his suite. I overheard Barry quoting his nephew Wally;

“Sure. I can metabolize the alcohol by running around the ship. In the meantime I think I’ll just stand here and see how much I can drink.”

SONY DSCRelaxing on his deck chair.

10We couldn’t believe how far we could see; it was just endless open sea.

SONY DSCBarry and myself getting ready for our first Formal Night on the cruise!

12Ready to feast like a king.

13The menu changed every night. It was always tough for us to choose, it all looked pretty good.

15Having some cheese bread before the appetizers arrive.

16After dinner we played a bit of trivia. Being a scientist and all, Barry took the lead and answered most of the questions.

SONY DSCBarry showing off the prizes he won – including a gold medal – for winning trivia.

And that was just part One. If you enjoyed Nick Kuilder’s Adventures of Barry Allen please drop us a line and let us know. More may very well be on the way.

Thanks for checking it out,



2 thoughts on “Nick Kuilder’s Adventures of Barry Allen Part One

  1. Kyer

    He kind of looks more like Barry than Barry does, doesn’t he?
    I’m going to have to look at the rest later (if only to see if Lil’Flash ever ran into a certain garden gnome. …Yes, pun intended.)


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