Interview with Mark Waid at HeroesCon 2014!

We talked with writer, publisher and comic shop owner Mark Waid at HeroesCon 2014 on behalf of TMStash and about Thrillbent Comics (check it out!), the continuation of EMPIRE at Thrillbent, his take on THE FLASH (including both his take on the New52 Wally West and his comments about the name of the Speed Force itself), Foggy’s health issues in DAREDEVIL and more!  Don’t miss this interview with Mark Waid (just click on the link below)!

Just a note for Flash fans who cannot wait for the Flash-related questions, they start at 3:23…but honestly you should catch the whole thing…and don’t forget to check out!


7 thoughts on “Interview with Mark Waid at HeroesCon 2014!

  1. Steve

    Waid’s attitude really mirrors my own, both in how much of Wally West survived to become part of the TRUE iconography of the Flash, and in his mix of skepticism and hope for the new Wally West.

  2. Steve

    I think because he committed the crime of vandalism and spraypainted people who tried to stop him.

    Has there been much development beyond his first appearance? I haven’t read the latest issue.

    1. Nick!

      Basically, Wally is angry with the Flash for a variety of things and is acting out. He has not been shown since doing any criminal acts, but he hasn’t had a ton of screen time yet. However, spray painting a wall is a far cry from being a “criminal thug” if you put his actions in context. Then again, Waid has been known to having that knee-jerk fanboy reaction from time to time (look up his alleged “Man of Steel” reaction).

      I do have to give him credit. He seemed *very* professional in the interview as he didn’t want to dump on the current writers, even if he doesn’t necessarily like the direction at face value. Given his tone, it seemed as if he wanted to say a lot more, but held back.

  3. Steve

    He hasn’t been shown since doing any criminal acts, but Iris informs Barry that he has engaged in similar behavior before. Also, spraypainting walls is one thing. Spraypainting other human beings is another. Both are criminal acts, but the latter is far more aggressive and mean-spirited. Waid’s characterization isn’t far from the characterization we are given in the comic itself. I know the idea is for Wally to change, and that’s what people are optimistic about, but you can’t fault people for being very disappointed with the first impression.

  4. teleject

    I know those in charge of DC Comics and other editors were upset with Wally’s un-superhero-like morals during the ’80s Flash comic run–however, it sold. And eventually and relatively quickly after the initial run, Wally’s character went through a change that endeared the character to so many. I think commentator Steve is right in that they are making Wally someone who does bad things, and still has good foundations to turn into a superhero eventually. The key, though, is that you won’t see this Wally date married women or go half-way around the world learning martial arts. Which is fine. If they want to make a Wally character more of washed out photocopy of Damian Wayne and Jason Todd, more power to them.

  5. Steve

    I think what balanced out 80’s Wally’s jerk-like behavior was that:

    -He was a superhero. He had adventures. He did exciting things. And ultimately, he still risked his life to save people in trouble.
    -He was often very funny as a jerk, and that made him fun to watch.

    The new Wally doesn’t have that. All he has is limited interaction with Barry that a lot of reviewers, including those at IGN, don’t find very entertaining or compelling. Comics are filled with heros, anti-heroes, and villains, and comic fans love them all–provided they are entertaining. Making the new kid 12-years-old, depowered, and unpleasant wouldn’t be such a downer if Nu52 Wally was more like 1980’s Wally. Entertaining. And not having any superpowers or anything exciting to do makes a lot of that hang on his personality. Which even defenders of the character admit is poorly fleshed out at this point.


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