Flash TV Quick Hits: Girder Cast

Hypable reports that actor Greg Finley has been cast as Girder in the upcoming Flash TV series. He’ll apparently appear in episodes 6 and 7, the latter which he’ll share with Clock King.

Girder gets his powers from the same particle accelerator accident that empowers Barry, and the two have a lifelong connection: Girder used to bully Barry when they were children. After the accident, he learns that he can “transform his skin into living metal”, and utilizes his new abilities for crime. (Assuming this description is accurate, it sounds like his TV incarnation will be more like Colossus than comicsverse Girder.)

Finley has appeared on such shows as Star-Crossed and The Secret Life Of The American Teenager.


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Lia is a Canadian fan of the Flashes and the Rogues. She's particularly interested in memorabilia of the Rogues and Reverse Flashes, collecting art, and memorizing a whole lot of pointless trivia. She may be the world's only diehard fan of the Top due to a love of hopeless causes, and she runs a fan blog on Tumblr, known as gorogues or The Rogues Kick Ass.

7 thoughts on “Flash TV Quick Hits: Girder Cast

      1. Lia Post author

        You know, I gotta say I was impressed that the Scribblenauts game included Mopee.

        I don’t like Girder either (unsurprisingly, he exists very uneasily with the heavily-female Rogues fandom), but I dislike Murmur more.

        1. Kelson

          Yeah, now that you mention him, I’ve got to agree with you on Murmur. I do think he’s an OK villain, just not suited to the Flash. He’d be a much better fit for Gotham City.

  1. Lia Post author

    Agreed. He’s helpful in the sense that he shows how the other Rogues could be much worse, but tone-wise he just doesn’t really mesh with the Flashverse.

    1. Mr. F

      Yes, Girder is worse than Mopee. Mopee was a mistake. They realized it and rightfully retconned him.
      Girder on the other hand is a member of that unwanted, unnecessary, rapidly expanding cancer of Geoff Johns’ cannon – fodder pet characters that DC keeps trying to bash us over the head with, presumably until we sustain the near-terminal head injury it would require to think he’s cool. He’s a rusting rapist!! I probably pose as much threat to a man who can move in excess of the speed of light!
      But…Geoff Johns created him so he must be cool. He must continue to haunt the backgrounds of panels depicting the Iron Heights mess hall or get k.o.ed in the prologue of an 8 – issue arc that has nothing to do with him until somebody decides to write into DC and admit (I’m guessing with a great deal of shame) that they think he’s a great addition to the Rogues.
      Anybody got a favorite Girder moment? What was the most badass Flash vs. Girder battle? Any favorite, iconic Girder covers? No? Of course not…Girder sucks. At least Murmur featured as the main villain for an issue.
      Definitely should have been Girder that got decapitated by Grodd, Rainbow Raider isn’t THAT bad a character. Also should have been Girder who was smashed to pieces in 1 panel (seeing as how he’s rusting) rather than Top, who was an icon and deserved way better than a “Boba Fett death”.
      No, actually…I take that back. Girder is definitely the best candidate for a TV adaption.

      P.s. I freaking love the show’s logo

      1. Lia

        This is legitimately my favourite rant I’ve read in a long time, so kudos….even before I got to the Top part. Anyway, Johns explained once in an interview that he wanted Cold to kill the Top because he (the Top) is a dick, and everybody knows how much Johns loves Cold. I actually like Johns and most of his work on the Flash, but am admittedly cranky about that bit.

        Anyway, Girder seemingly died alongside Rainb—Chroma, so he might not appear for a while. But since he’s also going to appear in the TV series, maybe he’ll mysteriously reappear in the comics as well. He didn’t get his head on a pike, at least.


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