Results! Flash Favorites of 2014 and Anticipating Next Year

What were your favorite Flash comic and TV stories of the year? And what’s got you excited about next year? Vote in our 4-question poll, then come back here to discuss!

Update: The results are in! 113 people voted in the survey, and there were some pretty clear winners.


1. What was your favorite Flash TV episode of 2014?

“The Man in the Yellow Suit” won handily with 38% of the vote, followed by “Going Rogue” (Captain Cold) at 25% and “Flash vs. Arrow” at 17%. The Arrow part of the crossover was listed separately, and came in at 7%. No one voted for “Plastique.” People like their Reverse Flashes and Rogues. (Screencap from FlashTVNews.)

Barry vs Barry

2. What’s your favorite Flash comic book story from 2014?

The Future Flash storyline by Jensen/Venditti, Booth & Rapmund took a whopping 46% of the vote, followed by “History Lessons” (Flash #27-29), the Keystone Killer storyline by Buccellato and Zircher, at 19%. I listed the Mashup Gang story that ran in parallel to the Future Flash on its own, and it only came in at 7%, after a near-tie (one vote difference) between Season Zero’s story of Mr. Bliss’ circus and the updated origin story in Secret Origins #6.

Speed Force / Convergence: Wally West and the Twins

Which Flash comic book story are you most looking forward to in the first half of 2015?

A strong consensus on this one as well: 44% voted for Convergence: Speed Force featuring pre-Flashpoint Wally West and the twins. The next one down was the stranded Barry/Future Flash story playing out in the main book right now, at 19%, then the Convergence: Flash mini featuring a Bronze-Age Barry Allen at 16%. Sad to say, fully 8% of respondents chose “Don’t you mean, which story do I dread the least?”

Mark Hamill as the Trickster (1990)

4. Which confirmed guest stars are you most excited about for the second half of Flash: Season 1?

This one’s a lot more even: Coming into first place was the Trickster at 27%, followed by the return of the Reverse Flash at 22% and the debut of Heat Wave & Captain Cold at 20%. I wonder how much of the Trickster love is for the character, and how much is for the return of Mark Hamill?

In any case, we here at Speed Force hope you had a good 2014, and wish you a happy new year!


8 thoughts on “Results! Flash Favorites of 2014 and Anticipating Next Year

  1. JAMES

    The Flash is the best new series I have watched in a long time. I never got into Arrow simply because I did not know about it. The last series that got me this excited was season 1 of Heroes. I so hope The Flash keeps going in the direction they are going after season one ends. I am so looking forward to Heatwave, Captain Cold, and Reverse Flash returning. I wonder, though, when will Killer Frost appear?

  2. MisterNefarious

    Loving the show so far. Hopefully we see reverse flash at least twice more to build up his scariness and importance.
    Also really hoping to see barry use powers in cool ways as he gets better with them: phasing, destabilization, vortices… Hell, dragging heavy objects in his wake was a favorite of mine is love to see

    I wanna see him hit a big bad with a car 😛

  3. banks

    I was sad that I couldn’t pick more than one option for some of the questions. The comic hasn’t been knocking my socks off but the TV show is really delivering.

    While I can’t wait to see the Captain Cold / Heatwave episode or more Reverse Flash, I think the return of Firestorm holds the greatest potential for story threads and the development I’m most excited to follow.

  4. veronica

    My favourite Flash stories was 27-29 written by Buccellato. It contained much better storytelling, wasn’t predictable and made use of Barry’s professional skills. I really enjoyed it a lot and wish that the book had been allowed to be along those lines. As for the tv show, as mentioned in another thread. I liked the show at first for the first 6 episodes. But then got turned off off due to the fact the same plot point seemed to happen week after week. I also find Gustin’s Barry very immature and whinny. He lacks confidence and can’t seem to make a decision without being coaxed or coached by someone else. I do like Wells though. I am not paying that much attention to the whole convergence thing.

    1. banks

      I agree with your points about the show. I didn’t mind Barry’s lack of confidence as he’s just gotten his powers. The Iris storyline though. Ugh.

      That said, I think episode nine goes a long way towards addressing your concerns. He’s started to deal with his fears and insecurities and based off the episode ten teaser, it appears we’ll be seeing a more confident Barry Allen moving forward.

  5. Mike C.

    Thank you, Speed Force .org, for this site. I have not collected comics in years; however, I’m able to follow along because of you. Along with this site and the TV show I feel connected to this character again. Happy New Year!

  6. scott timms

    Is Convergence going to fold in all these past parts of pre New 52? If this is a re reboot or something I will be pissed. I think some of the best speed scenes were Flash on Arrow crossover.

    1. Kelson Post author

      DC hasn’t said anything about what happens after Convergence. They might pick up the New 52 where it left off, or fold in a few elements, or keep the older realities around as alternate timelines, or do something else entirely.


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