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Putting The Band Together – Review of THE FLASH ANNUAL #4

flash annual 4We already know that Professor Zoom is back, and that he has a whole team of super-powered people with him…but where did all these people come from, and how did he put this group together? Writer Van Jensen goes solo on the script to give us the backstory, including the first appearance since FLASHPOINT of…don’t worry, we’ll get to it after the jump.



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This Week: Zoom’s Squad in the Flash Annual, Season Zero Finale, Flash Goes Green

New Flash comics out this week:

Flash Annual 4 features Professor Zoom/Eobard Thawne and introduces the team he’ll be setting against the Flash in the current storyline.

Flash Season Zero Chapter 24 concludes the misleadingly-named digital-first series set during season one of the TV show. It’s part two of a story featuring Caitlin Snow and a danger left behind by one of her old mentors. The print edition featuring both parts as Flash Season Zero #12 will be out in September. DC has not announced any plans for a follow-up, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see one launch with season two.

New to the digital backlist:

Flash #188 (1969): Everything turns green, as the Flash is unable to see any other colors. Surprisingly, the “most colorful villain of all” isn’t the Rainbow Raider, who wouldn’t appear for another ten years.

Flash #189 (1969): I’ll go with ComiXology’s description here, which is “Flash and Kid Flash battle futuristic lizard creatures while Iris ages rapidly. Letter to the editor from comics writer Mark Evanier.” (It’s always interesting to look at old comics and find the names of fans like Geoffrey Johns, or George R. Martin, and I find it amusing that ComiXology is pointing this one out in the synopsis.)

Flash 188 Flash 189

Flash Season One Gag Reel has uploaded the gag reel from The Flash‘s Season One Blu-Ray. The reel’s not quite eight and a half minutes long, and contains the expected bloopers and silly moments from filming and behind the scenes (all profanity is bleeped out). Check it out!

The Season One DVD and Blu-Ray will be available for sale on September 22nd, at which point you can own this for yourself.

Morrison/Millar Flash Hardcover in 2016

Flash #130 square (Emergency Stop)Amazon has a listing for The Flash by Grant Morrison & Mark Millar, a hardcover collection coming in April 2016. Morrison and Millar co-wrote one year of Wally West’s series back in 1998-1999, while Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn took time out to do JLA: Year One. Paul Ryan and John Nyberg did the art on the first few stories, with Pop Mhan and Chris Ivy taking over for the final story, “The Black Flash.” Steve Lightle did the covers for the full run.

The timing is undoubtedly related to Morrison’s upcoming Multiversity Too: The Flash OGN.

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