KADABRA! Review of TITANS #3

titans-3-coverThis latest issue of WALLY AND THE TITANS (I mean, really, that’s what it is and I’m glad of it) continues an outstanding first arc as the battle with Abra Kadabra continues. Think you’ve seen the last of the doppelgangers? Think again! Think even Kadabra understands everything that happened? Think again! Think you can afford to miss out on THIS series? Yes, Think Again! Want to know more? Think ag….no, wait, just follow us after the jump!


We see the aftermath of last issue’s battle from multiple angles. Garth is okay, thanks to Wally…but the team still needs to regain its bearings. Donna and Roy talk about that confession of love…and Roy manages to talk his way out of it for now (hopefully not for long, though). The doppelgangers still exist, though…and it seems they were gathering intel on their real counterparts as part of the fight! Kadabra is still the egotistical techno-wizard we all loved to see back in the day, but even he isn’t sure of everything here. What he does know tends to lead us back to that Watchmen attack on the timeline hinted at in REBIRTH, to even showing us that blood-on-a-watch panel that reflects the iconic WATCHMEN happy face image. What Kadabra does know is that Wally can be affected by what happens to Linda Park. Just as Wally is trying to make things right with a Linda who hasn’t yet fallen in love with him…Kadabra attacks again!

NOTES: Okay, the plot is pretty easy to follow…but the emotional content is what really drives this issue, and it does so very effectively. Wally really IS the key here…but in ways we cannot fully understand just yet. This is developing at just the right pace…not too much too soon, and not stringing us along for too long. It’s just enough frustration that Wally is beginning to wonder if coming back was such a good idea, but that’s the point – Kadabra wants him to be that off-kilter. The good thing is that he has a whole team of Titans who have his back…if they can just remember what they are supposed to be doing here.

As a long-time Titans fan, and as a fan of the originals, I’m thrilled with this series. TITANS is a combination of great action, deep mysteries, and intense emotions that brings the best out of the characters. Dan Abnett has the voices of the characters down pat, and the artwork by Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund and Andrew Dalhouse continues to be absolute top of the line. I’ve got this one at 10/10 – what do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


One thought on “KADABRA! Review of TITANS #3

  1. Steve

    Great issue. I loved the reveal that Wally is gaining a deeper attachment to the Speed Force. Geoff kind of left the Speed Force concept in a weird place (as something that can only come through Barry Allen, and also is both infinite and finite at the same time), so hopefully we will see a simplification and revision of it as a truly infinite extra-dimensional force that does not need to be “generated.”

    Roy and Donna have become a very interesting couple to watch, and it’s good to see them on the same team again. I also like how the book does a good job at showing what each member brings to the table apart from their powers, from Garth’s understanding of magic to Dick’s ability to delegate and Lillith’s skill with psychology.

    It’s also great seeing Abra back, and Titans becoming THE series in which to witness the Rebirth saga unfold.


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