The Return of Wally West? Review of TITANS #6

When we left the TITANS last issue, Wally had saved the day…but in doing so was swept into the Speed Force. This time, he doesn’t have the love of Linda Park to bring him back…she barely knows him in the REBIRTH DCU. Has Abra Kadabra finally gotten his revenge? What will the Titans do to stop Kadabra without the one person who has defeated him time and again? Has DC given us Wally back only to take him away forever? Are you kidding me? Want to know more? Just follow us after the jump!


Wally is in the Speed Force itself, and he doesn’t want to leave. Why would he leave? He’s there with Linda…he thinks.  But, Linda and the Titans are still in the reality of the Rebirth DCU, fighting against a now-seemingly unstoppable Abra Kadabra. They all fight gamely, gaining an advantage through Lilith’s mind-reading cutting through all the bluster Kadabra throws out along with his future tech-based “magic”.

Meanwhile in the Speed Force, “Linda” reminds Wally that he does have an anchor that can bring him home…the love of his friends, the TItans! It’s that love that he needs to hold on to in order to get out of the Speed Force. That’s still a tough decision, since in the Speed Force he has at least some semblance of his pre-FLASHPOINT life with Linda. But, she reminds him that there is still a chance of that happening in real life…just remember that “to begin with, it was a bumpy ride”.

Does he get out of the Speed Force? Of course…and he sends Kadabra back into the time stream to where (or is that when?) he came from. We get a glimmer of hope for Wally and Linda…just a glimmer, but still…   And, we get one more clue to the REBIRTH DCU with the one word that Lilith picked out of Kadabra’s mind…


Looks like we’re heading for that bigger storyline before long…just not quite yet, but that’s okay.

SUMMARY: I’m seeing a pattern with TITANS that really impresses me in a way I’m not used to seeing in comics. With almost every issue, I can summarize the plot quickly…more so than with most series. Yet, that easy-to-summarize plot effectively fills the issue with all the emotional content and action any fan could ask for. That’s a real trick…I’ve seen plots that twisted and folded in on themselves with infinite tangents that still felt like there were empty pages.  Not here. This is simply one of the best writers in comics doing some of his best work….thanks to Dan Abnett for another great script! The artwork lives up to that standard as well…but then we’ve come to expect that from this series, with Brett Booth (pencils), Norm Rapmund and Marc Deering (inks), and Andrew Dalhouse and Carrie Strachan (colors).

This is another 10/10 for me – what do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


2 thoughts on “The Return of Wally West? Review of TITANS #6

  1. Jason

    Absolutely agree…Abnett has seemed to find what I’m not sure others are giving 100% in looking for.
    First of all it’s the only title that picked up with the 80 page one shot. Looking back it’s like John’s is Rebirth should’ve been Wally West Rebirth, not D.C.
    I keep seeing folks campaign for a Wally title, but I like having the Titans around. Like #6 implies, they are Wally’s lightning rod. This book is somewhat a lightning rod for myself and my kids. It’s where our worlds find common ground

  2. Golddragon71

    I’m looking forward to seeing Wally and Linda: Take Two! Speed force Linda was right, She and Wally did not get on right away. She was critical of his personality and irresponsibility and he viewed her as little more than a tabloid TV parasite. Things did eventually thaw out between them but it was a long time before they were anywhere near being a couple. (On the other hand, the Wally Linda’s meeting now is far less of a jerk than he was when he met her the first time through.)


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