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“Running Scared” Part Two – Review of THE FLASH #26

Joshua Williamson continues to do the near-impossible – giving loving nods to the rich history of the Flash while adding truly fresh twists to the stories of the REBIRTH era. This issue is a great example, with Easter Eggs all around…and a surprising way of bringing it all together! Want to know more? Just follow us after the jump!


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Flash TV Tidbits

Season 4 of The Flash began filming recently, and bits of news are already beginning to trickle out. Here’s a brief roundup of some interesting new details.

The Thinker has apparently been confirmed as the main villain for the fourth season, and he’ll seemingly have a female sidekick called the Mechanic. And we’ll be seeing Ralph Dibny as a regular guest-star this season, with the potential to be a series regular later on. For those new to the Elongated Man (Ralph), he debuted in the Flash series during the Silver Age, and became a friend and colleague of Barry Allen and later Wally West. Ralph was briefly name-dropped during first season as somebody who’d died in the incident with the particle accelerator, but he or perhaps a counterpart from another Earth obviously survived.

Sterling Gates has joined the writing crew for the series. Among other comic book work (such as Supergirl), he wrote the Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost mini-series in 2011.

And, weirdly, we’ve seen a Samuroid on set during the filming of the first episode. Plus Keiynan Lonsdale (Kid Flash) in the Flash suit. An interesting choice for an antagonist, and an obvious choice for the speedster to step in while Barry’s in the Speed Force. It’s not yet clear how long Barry will be gone.

Early Flash #33 Solicitation

October’s Flash #33 will apparently be a Dark Nights: Metal tie-in, in which Barry Allen meets his counterpart from the Dark Multiverse. It’s part of an arc called “Justice Insurgence”, and Newsarama has a few details about the storyline.

Dark Nights: Metal #1 begins next month, and you can see the solicitation and cover here.

Variant cover by HOWARD PORTER
“JUSTICE INSURGENCE” part one! After the harrowing events of DARK NIGHTS: METAL #3, the JUSTICE LEAGUE has scattered around the world to find the only artifacts that can fight back against the invasion of the Dark Multiverse. The League thinks they know how to take back their world, but they are not prepared for who is standing in their way. The Seven Dark Knights of the Dark Multiverse. All the brilliance of Batman, but none of the morals. Barry Allen, The Fastest Man Alive, is the first to get a taste of their plan, as BATMAN: THE RED DEATH takes him on at the Fortress of Solitude.

Battle for the Net (please read!)

This is off our usual topic, but U.S. readers especially, please read on.

The FCC wants to eliminate net neutrality, the principle that ISPs should treat all traffic the same, and not block, throttle, or promote data based on what service you’re using or who you’re connecting to. But we can stop them.

What’s Net Neutrality? Simple: your cable company shouldn’t decide where you get your news, what businesses you buy from, which video chat services and streaming services you use, or who you talk to.

Why do we need it? It used to be an unofficial rule, underlying the way the Internet was built over the years, until ISPs started to break it. For example:

  • Multiple ISPs intercepted search queries and sent them to their own portals.
  • AT&T blocked Skype on the iPhone.
  • Verizon blocked tethering apps.
  • Multiple carriers blocked Google Wallet in favor of their own payment services.

In 2015, after a public advocacy campaign, the FCC made it official: ISPs in the United States are now required to treat all traffic equally.

So what’s the problem? There’s a new chairman in charge, and he wants to remove the rule.

No doubt cable and phone companies will go back to their old tricks. Plus they could slow down access to news sites that disagree with them, or charge websites extra for the privilege of reaching their audience (when they already pay for their upload connection), or slow down services owned by competitors (consider: Verizon owns Tumblr and Flickr now, and Comcast owns NBC) in favor of their own.

Rolling back net neutrality doesn’t help you, doesn’t help business, doesn’t help anyone but the existing carriers.

That’s why we’re joining the Battle for the Net — and you can, too. The FCC’s public comment period is still open. Contact the FCC and Congress (here’s a form), and tell them why Net Neutrality matters to you. Then spread the word.

Keeping the internet open is critical. Let’s work to keep it!

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Flash #26 Preview

DC has posted the official five-page preview for Flash #26, and you can see it at Adventures in Poor Taste. Check it out at the link, and the issue is out this coming Wednesday!

Variant cover by HOWARD PORTER
Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details. “RUNNING SCARED” part two! Barry Allen and Iris West witness a chilling vision of the future courtesy of the Reverse-Flash, who reveals the couple’s legendary romance will yield only darkness for the world of tomorrow. Now, Thawne forces The Flash to make a choice: spend forever alone or doom the future?
On sale JULY 12 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T