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ELSEWORLDS is here! Review of Part 1

THE big event is finally here! ELSEWORLDS shakes up the Arrowverse, and if this first chapter is any indication we are in for a fantastic ride! This is an action-packed, high intensity, top speed (pardon the pun), and at times hilarious crossover, and it all starts HERE! The setup works exceptionally well, bringing together most of the major players seamlessly. Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!

SPOILERS AHEAD! You have been warned!

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“Elseworlds” Final Trailer

The three-part DC CW crossover “Elseworlds” begins this coming Sunday, and you can see the last and longest trailer below! It gives us a good glimpse into the premise, the heroes, and the villains of the story arc.

As a bonus, check out the teaser for the crossover which aired at the end of Supergirl, Arrow, and The Flash this week. It features the Flash of Earth-90, who’s very recognizable to old school Flash fans.

The crossover airs from December 9th-11th at 8 PM each night. Be sure to check it out!

“What’s Past is Prologue” Review of S5 E8 the 100th Episode of THE FLASH

The gang’s all here…including some blasts from the past no one would have expected (unless you’ve seen all the promos, trailers, articles and other spoilers for who would show up).  It’s the 100th Episode of THE FLASH! We have a VERY wild ride ahead, so let’s just go straight to the review, right? Right!


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