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ELSEWORLDS is here! Review of Part 1

THE big event is finally here! ELSEWORLDS shakes up the Arrowverse, and if this first chapter is any indication we are in for a fantastic ride! This is an action-packed, high intensity, top speed (pardon the pun), and at times hilarious crossover, and it all starts HERE! The setup works exceptionally well, bringing together most of the major players seamlessly. Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!

SPOILERS AHEAD! You have been warned!

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“Welcome to Earth-2” – Review of THE FLASH Ep 2.13

In the first part of our trip to Earth-2, we find some very Interesting doppelgangers…and some surprising developments happening on both Earth-1 and Earth-2! There’s not a lot more we can say without being spoilery, so follow us after the jump for more!


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