“Godspeed” S5 E18 of THE FLASH

The secret is out. Nora’s mentor is now known to Team Flash, and Barry has locked her up in the Pipeline as a result. We’ll see part of the repercussions of that break in trust tonight. But, we will get so much more than that. We’ll see everything hidden in that journal Nora has been keeping…and there are some serious surprises in the pages of that book. And, they didn’t call this episode “Godspeed” for nothing. This is one of the very best episodes of the season. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


NOTE: This review is posting prior to this episode of THE FLASH being aired in the Pacific Time Zone USA. If you haven’t seen it yet, STOP HERE and come back after. You’ll be glad you did!

The revelation that Nora has been working with Eobard Thawne all this time has shaken Team Flash to the core. They really don’t know where to turn…until Ralph suggests they finally translate that journal. That of course is the framing device for the rest of the episode…an origin story for Nora, directed by Danielle Panabaker.

We go to 2049, where Nora is working CSI with Leah (ck my spelling on that one, folks). They are at the least very good friends, though there is some hint of something more in the relationship. Nora is obsessed with the Flash and with speedsters in general, but not for the reason you think. Nora has her own special board with evidence about…Cicada, the one case her father could not crack. She wants to solve that case.

But, regular CSI work gets in the way…or maybe not so regular, as they find evidence of the first speedster in Central City since the Crisis (stay tuned to next season for that). As they track the bad guy down they meet Godspeed.

NOTE: Godspeed was created by Joshua Williamson and Carmine Di Giandomenico, first appearing as August Heart in FLASH REBIRTH #1.  

This version of Godspeed never met Barry Allen, but instead shows up in the year 2049. He is looking for the components of Velocity-9, trying to make a version that will make his speed permanent. In Nora’s first meeting with him, Godspeed hits her with white lightning bolts. She believes when she wakes up that THIS is her origin as a speedster…

But of course that isn’t true.

A chip from S.T.A.R. Labs is found after the incident – and yes, this is the dampener chip Iris used on Nora years before. As Leah discovers the use of the chip, Nora confronts the Iris of 2049. We know where this conversation leads.

The next meeting turns tragic, as Godspeed kills Leah in front of Nora!

Nora had already spoken to Thawne in an attempt to get into the head of Godspeed…but now she returns to get his help in getting revenge. He doesn’t want to help at first, but in hearing her story (which echoes his own murder of Nora’s grandmother) he agrees to help.

We see their early work together, as he teaches her how to use her speed. We even get a “Run, Nora, Run” during this sequence. Eventually, Nora does stop Godspeed and brings him to justice. Then, she goes back to Thawne for more training…and that brings us to today.

During all of this story being told, Iris frees Nora from the Pipeline. Nora finishes her story, then Barry asks for some time alone with Nora.

This is where my one serious complaint about the story hits.

Barry still doesn’t trust Nora. I get that, as she continued to go back to Thawne time and again even after meeting Barry in our time. But, his reaction is once again WAAAYYY over the top. He takes her back to 2049 and strands her there, telling her that he will know if she tries to return. She is left literally all alone in 2049.

That takes us to the Epilogue, where Barry confronts Thawne. Eobard Thawne actually tries to get Barry to give Nora a break, but Barry won’t listen to him.  Barry is just satisfied that Thawne is finally getting what he deserves…his execution, in 10 more minutes…


  • Nora literally does not know that her father is The Flash until she is sent by Thawne to the Time Vault. There, she discovers the uniform ring she later gives to her dad along with the jacket she will wear as XS. And, she finds Gideon, who reveals her dad’s secret identity to her.
  • Barry has left a video for Nora, apparently during the Crisis just before he is gone for good. Her reaction is heartbreaking.
  • Godspeed’s uniform is spot-on from the comics, even if the origin story for August Heart is a bit different than in the comics.


Danielle Panabaker has nailed it with this episode, directing the best episode of THE FLASH so far this season. Jessica Parker-Kennedy was at her best all through the show, as was Tom Cavenagh as Eobard Thawne (and Sherloque). Other than the one-more-time Barry-being-an-overreacting-jerk trope at the end, this was outstanding. With that one minor complaint I’ll give this one a 9.5 out of 10. Of course that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


4 thoughts on ““Godspeed” S5 E18 of THE FLASH

  1. Lia

    According to the closed captioning, Nora’s friend’s name is apparently spelled ‘Lia’ (I might be vaguely familiar with the name), which makes me think she’s Lia Nelson, aka the Flash from the Tangent universe. I was hoping she’d get her own light/speed powers, but apparently not!

    (Fun story: I was pretty much a Marvel-only reader when Lia Nelson debuted, but my friend was huge into DC and bought me that comic when it first came out because of the name.)

    I liked this episode a lot more than any in quite a while, actually. I don’t know whether the showrunners put more work into Eobard-heavy episodes or what, but IMO they’re often better than the ones without him. Or maybe Tom Cavanagh is just that good.

    1. Marion Drakos

      I was at the Vancovuer Fan Expo with the flash panel – it was really amusing to see that Tom Cavanagh is far more like Harry than any other Wells

  2. Rob

    One thing I noticed in this episode, in the final scene between Nora and Thawne he asks her “How much do you know about the Flash?” or something like that. But when he said it, he had a French accent (at least it sounded like it to me). So was that a slip up by Cavanagh accidentally mixing the two characters? Or is that actually Sherloque in there and Thawne is on the loose somewhere?


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