What a Start! Review of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Part One

They didn’t hold back…

No matter what you may have expected in the first part of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, this show went the extra mile. Those of you who read the comic version of this story from 1985-1986 understand the scope of this peril. Even so, the events of the first 60 minutes of this crossover set a record for destruction and key casualties. We’ve been building to this since the first episode of THE FLASH. This is THE big event. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


NOTE: This review is posting before CRISIS airs in the Pacific Time Zone USA. If you haven’t seen this show yet. STOP HERE! I always say this, but really, truly STOP HERE! You will be glad you did! Come back after you see the show.

“In the beginning, there was only a single black infinitude” – The Monitor narrates the start of this show, telling how the Multiverse came to be. Then, we start clicking through a host of different Earths, each getting their own red skies. We see:

  • Earth 89 (The 1989 Batman movie world) with reporter Alexander Knox (played by Robert Wuhl as he did in the movie).
  • Earth 9 – home of The Titans as portrayed live action on DC Universe (if you don’t subscribe, you should)
  • Earth X – from a previous crossover, this time with the Ray patrolling the skies
  • Earth 66 (The 1966 Batman TV Show world) with Burt Ward giving us a “Holy Crimson Skies” for good measure. 

And then we go to Earth 38, home of Supergirl and Superman. There are world-wide earthquakes, and the antimatter wave is heading straight for them. This episode is all about the attempt to save Earth 38, and it is truly an epic battle from start to finish.

Before all that starts, the wave is headed to someplace we all know and love in the Supergirl TV universe – Argo City! Clark and Lois are there with baby Jonathan, but they are in terrible danger. They are warned just in time to put their baby son in a rocket pod and send him to Earth, mirroring Kal-El’s own origin story. The wave hits Argo City, completely destroying it! Kara’s mother and all of Argo City dies! Only a last minute save by Harbinger keeps Clark and Lois alive to meet up with the other heroes on Earth-38. 

Harbinger (Lyla) gathers together the heroes and tells them of the danger. We see each being brought in, with varying levels of trust. Eventually, they agree to pull together to follow the Monitor’s plan. The Monitor wants this team to make their stand on Earth-38. He has a tower planted on this Earth (and several other key Earths) that can hold back the antimatter wave, at least for a while. What he can’t do on his own is fight off the army of Shadow Demons belonging to the Anti-Monitor. 

The realization hits the team that this is a battle they could lose, so evacuation plans are made to save as many of the people of Earth-38 as possible. Using all the ships that all the alien population of Earth had used to arrive, they plan a jump through a portal to Earth-1. The rest of this battle is an attempt to give them time to make that portal and get through.

Alex Danvers enlists the help of Lena Luthor. She may hate everyone on Team Supergirl right now, but she won’t let all the people of Earth-38 die. Partnering with Alex, Lena does set up the portal just in time.,,

…And that’s good, because the tower is failing, and the Shadow Demons have arrived! These creatures are seemingly infinite in number. All the heroes fight for as long as they can, to let as many people survive as possible. 

When the battle is truly lost, the Monitor begins taking the heroes to another world, one by one. Green Arrow is the last – but he won’t go. The Monitor tells hims it’s time. Oliver asks, “Has the planet been evacuated yet?” “Then it’s not time!”

Oliver fights down to the last arrow. When there is nothing left in his quiver, he drops his bow and fights on. Eventually the Monitor does transport him to Earth-1, but it’s too late for Oliver. Green Arrow is dying. He says goodbye in a powerfully emotional moment, then closes his eyes one last time. Earth-38, the home of Supergirl and 7.5 billion other people, is gone! Only 3.5 billion survived – and that last 1 billion people made it through only because Oliver Queen bought them more time to get those ships through the portal. 

Pariah arrives, explaining that as Nash Wells he is responsible for freeing the Anti-Monitor from his confinement. He is doing penance for his sin, watching each reality die. Pariah believes that all reality is…doomed! And that’s where we leave the first chapter of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS!

NOTES: Holy Crimson Skies (couldn’t resist)! In the first 60 minutes we see the destruction of Argo City, the death of Kara’s mother and all the population there, the total destruction of Earth-38, and the death of Oliver Queen! That last one surprised me – not that I didn’t expect Oliver to die. I just had no idea that he would die in the very FIRST chapter of this story. If you wanted something on a big scale, THIS is it. There is no way this could have been bigger in scope for a live-action TV crossover. One last note – I didn’t cover every hero who showed up and every event. If I had this article would be 10 times as long. But, please do feel free to add your favorite moments in the comments below.

SUMMARY: If I could give this an 11, I would. This is the most 10 of a 10/10 I’ve seen in the Arrowverse. I’m shocked and amazed and CANNOT WAIT for tomorrow night! So, 10+/10 for me – but of course that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


One thought on “What a Start! Review of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Part One

  1. August Stroshine

    WOW! And this is only part 1. It can only get better. I don’t follow Arrow or Supergirl, but you don”t have to to follow this crossover. (I wish the comics would take this aprorch) When Olivier dies, and we see Barry and Kara shed a tear, so die I. Powerful stuff man. I think this one broke the “Out of 10 meter”. Can’t wait for the rest of this crossover.


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