“Love is a Battlefield” Review of S6 E11 of THE FLASH

When we left off last episode, Iris had been pulled into the mirror dimension by a pair of very shiny arms.  Will we find out what happened to her tonight? What about the bad guys appearing with “new paint jobs” – will we see familiar faces from among them tonight? And, how good of a matchmaker is…Killer Frost? And, what about that appearance by [REDACTED]? We’ll get all those answers, and more, in “Love is a Battlefield”, the 11th episode of season 6 of THE FLASH! To find out more, just follow us after the jump!


NOTE: This review is posting before THE FLASH airs in the Pacific Time Zone USA. If you haven’t seen the show yet, STOP HERE and come back after you view the episode. You’ll be glad you did!

 Iris is full of surprises this episode. She suddenly has become a stellar cook. She can order in Italian…even though neither she nor Barry knew the language before. And, she is even more of a hero in her own right, jumping headlong into danger without a second thought. Barry is having trouble dealing with it, at least at first. All this comes into play when they try to have a romantic Valentine’s dinner.

Enter…Amunet! She come to the restaurant to steal a device from one of the diners. Barry and Iris try to stop her, without bringing out the uniform. Barry uses his police badge to try to arrest Amunet. But, Amunet threatens to reveal his secret identity, and the identities of all of Team Flash, if he tries to stop her. He lets her get away, at least for now.

Iris goes into a dangerous situation at the bar Amunet frequents to get info on her. Barry is extremely afraid for her (hilariously so). But, Iris is tough as nails. She even breaks a bottle over the head of one of the bad guys in the bar. That helps her get the info she needs to find out where Amunet’s next target is…Ivo Labs!

Barry and Iris go to find out what is going on, only to find the Amunet has competition from Goldface! They go after each other, with Goldface getting away with the case that holds the next device.

…well, almost. Iris had already taken the device out of the case!

Iris uses this second device to get Amunet to accept her. Iris has figured out the plan here. There is a rare orchid that only blooms once every 25 years. When that happens, it releases a special pollen that gives the ability to read minds. Iris convinces Amunet to include her in the heist of that flower. Of course, it’s one more battle with Goldface!

This is where Iris and Barry work together to do the one thing that can stop the fight…bring Amunet and Goldface back together as a couple. Really? Yes, really!

Eventually, Iris convinces Barry to use his speed lightning to burn that orchid. It immediately gives off that pollen, covering both Amunet and Goldface. Now that they hear each other’s thoughts, they get back together, ending what had been a serious battle that had stretched all over Central City for days. Of course, with the flower gone so is the plan to use it to take over Central City. 

That’s the main thread for tonight, but there are some other important notes here:

  • Frost tried to be a life coach for Allegra, attempting to put her back together with a former love. In the end, Frost uses some advice from Nash Wells to help Allegra, who may not be back in love…but who was able to restart a friendship. 
  • Barry was afraid that he and Iris were growing apart. Not so, as Joe West pointed out. By episode’s end, Barry was able to understand how important Team Citizen is to Iris, and how proud he actually is of her accomplishments. 

That leads to two MAJOR surprises at episode’s end. Nash is in Jitters when he sees, just for a brief moment…

What appears to be Harry Wells of Earth 2! (If you believe it was a different Wells just add your comments below – there are, after all, a LOT of Wells – or at least there were). 

The second surprise comes at the very end of the show. You know I’ve failed to mention anything about Iris’ trip to the mirror dimension. Why is that? We do know that Iris has suddenly become a great cook and that she can now speak Italian, so what’s up with that? At episode’s end, as Barry and Iris embrace, we see something in the mirror…

It’s Iris! The REAL Iris! She is trapped in the mirror dimension! So….who is the “Iris” out there with Barry? We’ll have to find out (hopefully) next week!


  • I said this last episode, but it goes double this time – Candice Patton is killing it as both Iris West-Allen and her mirror duplicate. This is a great episode for her character(s), and Patton continues to give her best performances of the series to date. 
  • The script writing overall is among the best we’ve seen so far. If you worried about how THE FLASH could possibly follow up CRISIS, here’s your answer. Wow!


Okay folks, this is a 10/10 for me. Great script writing, great acting, particularly by Candice Patton, great returns from Amunet and Goldface, and HUGE twists make this an episode to remember! Of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


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  1. tonya tyler

    I live for WestAllen so I was loving this, Candice is fantastic as Iris and Mirror Iris LOL, Barry could barely keep up. No really interested in Allegra’s back story and Frost is melting fast.


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