The Flash Age Finale! Review of THE FLASH #755

Issue #755 of THE FLASH does what few comics have accomplished at the end of an arc. This issue ends a significant arc on a high note – no disappointments, no loss of energy at the end of the arc. As a bonus, we get the resolution to a mystery that has dogged one character since the beginning of Joshua Williamson’s time on THE FLASH. And, we get an effective launch to the arc that comes next. It’s a great finale to a high-action arc. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


The Flash, Godspeed and the Reverse-Flash are in a team-up we never thought we’d see, fighting a near-unstoppable foe. Paradox has gained so much power that there is literally no way to win the battle in a head-to-head match, even with 3 on 1 odds.

Thawne still believes that Barry should have killed Paradox before he gained these powers…but Barry is adamant that there is another way. Godspeed stops their bickering…and finally a plan is formed. The key is that no one can manipulate the timeline like Eobard Thawne. Not Barry (see FLASHPOINT) and not Paradox (see the mess the time stream is in right now, in danger of completely collapsing). Barry and August agree to stay and distract Paradox while Thawne goes back in time to save the day…actually all the days, ever.

For once, Thawne does the right thing. He goes back to Barry’s battle with King Turtle and prevents Chris from being pulled away from his family. Chris has a new lease on life…and Paradox never gets the chance to be formed. Wait, how does THIS work? How do we not get another FLASHPOINT?

This is Thawne’s secret to manipulating time. Make the change…but never let time restart while you are still there. It’s how he’s been doing this all along.┬áThis makes FLASH AGE a sort of bookend to FLASHPOINT…with the Reverse-Flash showing how things should really be done when you want to mess with time.

So, instead of creating another New 52, we see the timeline fix itself…including the iconic cover of Flash of Two Worlds. Barry and Iris are reunited. The world has been made right. Everyone is happy…

…okay, it doesn’t end that easily. August Heart has a question for Eobard Thawne, a question that has dogged August since we first met him. Who killed his brother? Thawne is from the future, so surely he knows. It’s true, Thawne knows who killed August Heart’s brother…

Thawne did it.

And he does it again.

Thawne snaps August Heart’s neck, killing him!

Barry is so enraged that he could kill Thawne…but that’s not going to happen, not here. Instead, Thawne beats Barry down and announces his next move. Barry has always had the Flash family to back him up…so why shouldn’t Eobard Thawne have a “family” as well? It’s time for a new arc…and time for…The Legion of Zoom!


  • This story arc was a showcase for the Reverse-Flash. We see his motivation, we get a greater sense of his power, and we see in the end of this arc the monster he has become. I’ve been reading THE FLASH for over 50 years and THIS is the best representation of Thawne I’ve seen in the comics.
  • Whoever takes over this title when Josh Williamson leaves has some big shoes to fill. This arc is just one example of why.
  • The artwork continues to be outstanding! Rafa Sandoval’s pencils, Jordi Tarragona’s inks, Arif Prianto’s colors, and Stever Wands’ lettering were nothing short of spectacular once again.


This was a great finale to a great story arc – and a 10/10 for me. Of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


One thought on “The Flash Age Finale! Review of THE FLASH #755

  1. golddragon71

    Wow! That was Harsh!
    I mean, Thawne killing August like that!
    and to add insult to injury he admits to killing August’s brother as he does it!

    The funny thing is, I kind of thought this would be the way Thawne would kill Cisco on the CW series. admitting no! bragging about having put Dante in the path of the drunk driver and allowing Cisco to believe that Barry’s time manipulation was the cause of Dante’s altered fate! Then killing Cisco with the vibrating hand strike. (preferably right in front of Barry and the rest of team Flash!)


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