“Vengeance is…Mine?” Review of THE FLASH 779

Eclipso has been hanging around since the early-to-mid Silver Age, and has proven to be one of the most powerful bad guys in the DCU. But, Eclipso has rarely been this formidable – and that makes for a fantastic story arc that ends here in THE FLASH 779. Irey and Jai play important roles here, as does the daughter of Animal Man. It’s a story about the West luck, and it’s a very good one. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


Jai has his abilities back, but also the pain that comes with it. Still, he saves Irey and Maxine. And, his powers allow him to see that Wally is in a terrible fix. Joining powers with Irey, they transport to Gemworld just in time to save Wally from certain death at the hands of the Eclipso-controlled Amethyst. At this point, though, the only people on Gemworld that are not controlled by Eclipso are Wally and the kids, along with Dark Opal.

Dark Opal realizes he had been tricked by Eclipso and agrees to help them fight back. Two problems, though. Eclipso has found what he has been looking for, and there are untold numbers of mind-controlled heroes standing in the way.

Dark Opal and the kids fight their way through to give Wally an opening, and he makes the best of it, using the glave to trap Eclipso and end the threat. But, that’s not the end of the story. More on that in the…


  • Having Maxine here is a neat touch. It gives the kids someone additional to work with, and it’s almost a new wave Young Justice (or at least the start of one).
  • The Spectre appears after all is said and done, to claim the glave and to give a heavenly thumbs up to Wally. Yes, a celestial approval for our hero Wally, in case you didn’t catch on that he is truly reformed from that mess in HEROES IN CRISIS. So glad to see that!
  • Wally experienced a power surge during his attack on Eclipso. Turns out, he can use that power surge to “fix” Jai’s powers. Now, there won’t be any pain and Jai can be the hero he always wanted to be.
  • Jai even has a heroic name – “Surge”. It works. Now, we need a new name for Irey. In this post-New52 world, Impulse is once again taken, so we’ll have to find out what her new name will be in an upcoming issue.
  • Through all of this, Linda has not had the chance to realize that the kids snuck out. When she does, she dashes out to the street…at super speed? Yep!


This was a great finale to an amazing story arc. I’m still enjoying every story Jeremy Adams writes. He has Wally and the family nailed down, and has brought back that fun element you need with Wally West. Another great tale, with again great artwork by Fernando Pasarin, Matt Ryan, Brent Peeples, Jeremiah Skipper, Peter Pantazis, Jeromy Cox, and Rob Leigh. This is a 9/10 finale to the arc. Of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!


One thought on ““Vengeance is…Mine?” Review of THE FLASH 779

  1. Zemox2

    Was the arc that good? After what DC did to Wally I have given up on Flash and refuse to buy any of their current stuff. I am sick of giving them second chances.


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