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Flashes in the Top 7

Flash selfieEvery few years, Comics Should Be Good polls its readers for their favorite DC and Marvel characters and ranks the top 50 from each of the two publishers. This year, two Flashes came in the top 10:

Barry Allen at #7
Wally West at #6

This is the third time CSBG has run this poll, and it’s interesting to see how the various Flashes have fared. Jay Garrick and Bart Allen have both been pushed out of the running since 2011, but Barry Allen and Wally West are still both in the top 10. And while Wally is still ahead of Barry in the poll, they’re a lot closer than they were last time.

Character 2007 2011 2015
Jay Garrick (Flash) #41 #45
Bart Allen (Impulse/Kid Flash) #42 #36
Barry Allen (Flash) #29 #9 #7
Wally West (Flash/Kid Flash) #3 #6 #6

2007 was kind of an odd year: Barry Allen had been dead for 20 years, and Wally West had been the main Flash for most of that time until he was shuffled offstage in Infinite Crisis. That was 2006, and DC replaced Wally with a prematurely-aged Bart Allen. Then in 2007, they killed Bart and brought Wally back. The poll hit in the middle of all this. Feelings among Wally’s fans at the time were…intense, pushing him up to the #3 spot, right behind Superman and Batman. Barry, meanwhile, lacked visibility, explaining his much lower ranking that year.

Running Through Long Beach Comic Con 2015

Running with the Flashes

I ran out to Long Beach Comic Con over the weekend. It’s really grown. The floor was twice as big as last year, I could swear they doubled the tracks of programming, and there was a great crowd even on Sunday. It’s a great con for comics and art especially — this is the one I’ve mentioned where Artist’s Alley isn’t just off in a corner somewhere, it’s the centerpiece of the main floor.

Norm Rapmund was there, selling a new print from the current Flash art team featuring all the New 52 Flashes, including one I don’t think we’ve seen yet. I don’t know where I’m going to put it, but I couldn’t pass it up. (Though I did pass up the metallic edition. It was very shiny, both literally and in the Firefly sense, but it was also 3x the price.)

Update: It turns out the day I didn’t go, there was a Rogues cosplay meetup!

Full photo album on Flickr, featuring meteorites, Deadpool doing some light reading, Spider-Everyone, a tricked-out Star Wars car, Harley in Wonderland, and some Pizzazz. Update: Full write-up over at K2R.

Norm Rapmund

Pics from HeroesCon 2015!

There were some great times and great cosplayers at HeroesCon 2015. Below are some great Flash cosplayers who turned up at HeroesCon…and more!

You’ll find me with Robert Venditti, Francis Manapul…and none other than Greg Elias of our site! It was great to finally meet Greg in person and to talk comics for a while at HeroesCon. For those of you following the site, the staff of are spread literally across the continent, so actually meeting in person is a rare and much-appreciated treat. Thanks to everyone who attended HeroesCon – and if you missed it this year, it is well worth the visit to Charlotte, North Carolina, USA next year!

Free Fall In Scarlet or You Will Believe A Flash Can Fall! (Skydiving 04/27/2015)

“Free Fall In Scarlet” or “You Will Believe A Flash Can Fall!”

Hey Speed Readers/Viewers

So a few weeks back I celebrated my 30th birthday and to mark the special occasion I decided to try my hand at skydiving. Of course being Flash Johnson I couldn’t simply jump out of a plane…I had to do it in style! So to that end I decided to rock my brand new, CW Flash suit 2.0, with my favorite
Flashy footwear, my Adidas Wings 2.0. I figured they were more than appropriate for what I was doing and I didn’t want to ruin my slick new Flash boots.

Why skydiving? Well, after reading the William Messner-Loebs penned The Flash v2 #54, “Nobody Dies” (aka “Free Fall in Scarlet!”) many, many years ago I got it in my head that I needed to jump out of a plane in a frackin’ Flash suit.

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WonderCon 2015 Round-Up

Big Hero 6As of last weekend, I’ve been to more WonderCons in Anaheim than San Francisco, and more with a kid in tow than without. And I’m finally at the point where I’m no longer comparing the current incarnation of the con to the previous one, and just taking it on its own terms.

Here at Speed Force, we covered Flash cosplay and the Flash TV show cast Q&A earlier in the week. My full photo gallery is on Flickr. It took a whole week, but I finally put together my write-up of the con over at K-Squared Ramblings.